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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Hodgy, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Hodgy

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    I turned 50 and suddenly MY 16yr old has decided he would like to clear out the attic and help me set up my HO's. Of course I think this is great! We have discussed this and thought modular tables would be a good start. I could use some direction. WHat is a good book or literature I could reference. It's been a long time. Thanks for your help. Be well and safe , Hodgy
  2. nachoman

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    If you are thinking modules, I would see if there is a modular club in your area, and build to their standards. That way, if you or your son ever want to join the club, you are all set. For general HO/model railroad info - the magazine rack at your local hobby shop is a good place to start. The internet is a reat source of info, too; but sometimes picking up a magazine or one of the beginners books is better.

  3. XavierJ123

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    I think for great inspiration get a copy of "Model Railroading with John Allen".

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