Starting a New Garden Railroad Questions

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by TomPM, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. N Gauger

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    That's a start!! :D :D Every railroad started with an idea, some rail, ties and spikes :)
  2. Oldmax

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    "Do your thang" . Build your Garden Raolroad to suit you. Take your time I have 650' track down , in about 5 years. Some like a lot of buildings some don't . I built my Garden R/R in an existing Garden. Have very few buildings but enjioy as much as enyone. Will send pictures. I used For base Crusher Run Trenching At least 4" With Crushed lime stone on top for Ballast. The crusher run will set up hard after a few rains but if you want to change can bust up easy. Use Split Jaw Clamps , Hillman are junk. I have A tool box full of the latter busted up.
    is not nessary to use grease with Split Jaw clamps . Most of time don't have
    to wire track with Clamps .Should use a good Power Supply 6 Amp. or more
    Small one OK if running Small engine. I run 2 -10 Amp. . "Good Railroading"

  3. TomPM

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    Thanks for the encouragement! Any "samples" to go by would be appreciated.

    Of course I just put 4 new tires on the van and had to buy a new computer. The power supply went on the old one. Since my son is the one asking for this I am not sure what these events do to the budget.
  4. Oldmax

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    Did you check out web page I sent you if you did this is my Garden railroad.
    Some of it is on wooden deck some on ground part on ground I hand trenched
    ground , A min. 4" to 6" Used "Crusher Run" Lime stone as base for road bed
    then "Crushed Lime Stone" as Ballast. Will have to replace Ballast from time to time Washout occures in heavy rain storms but not big problem. Just keep some on hand. The "Crusher Run" will set up hard after a few rains but if you want to change track layout can be easly broken up. Just Keep simple to start with
    Track will cost about $2.80 Runing Ft. Road bed depends on where & how you buy it. Bridges & trussel & Buildings can be built inside in winter " remember to use water pruf glue. I started with 90' circle around Deck & Gold fish pond. 5 years later have 650' . Make this "Son" help in Project "Father a Spend little time
    with him" He will grow up and be gone and you will wonder where the time went.

    p.s. Here is another way of making road bed
  5. TomPM

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    Looks like it is going to happen. We got my son a G-scale train for Christmas. Even though he does not know about yet, he is making plans with my wife on how the train should go around the pond.
  6. Bongo Boy

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    Does anyone here who lives in Colorado (specifically the 'front range' corridor) have an opinion. We have some righteous hailstorms here, and it seems to me the typical 'magazine photo' railroad would be totally wiped out in about 10 min.

    If ANY scale building were left intact I'd be surprised, and I would NOT be surprised if the rail itself were damaged in some cases. I've had 2 cm hailstones at my house--and there's not enough air at this altitude to slow those puppies down too much!! :D
  7. Bongo Boy

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    ...was also wondering if folks have used nickel-silver track and what the opinions are. Seems it would have better weathering than brass & possible solderability.

    I have a book that says stainless track can be soldered--I think the author is out of his mind, but am I wrong? I've spent half my life in a machine shop and around soldering and welding of all kinds--stainless is most certainly not solderable. Who's nuts here?

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