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  1. Let there be light!

    Well i finally got around to putting up the light fixtures i bought oh 5 months ago.......

    As well i managed to add some tunnel portals as well.


    More hopefully tommorow after some of the glue dries :)
  2. Well finally got a little time to progress a little farther along.

    This is what you do with a weeks worth of flyers.

    This gives you an idea of how big this is, compared to the track level.

    And the Artist takes some credit for her work. The whole top of the mountain lifts out for access to the 2 tracks underneath.

    Now i need to start making tree's.......anyone have a few hundred spares????
  3. wickman

    wickman Member

    Wow your really moving along well . You build like me just start stacking foam board for levels and grab the old newspapers for big mountains :wave:

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