Start Trek Enterprise 1701E?

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    yes I would have to agree, if I were to sell a reworked star trek or Babylon 5 model it would be preposterous for me to claim authentic authorship of it. but I were to make a self drawn model of say,... a planet X Anunaki scout, and it wasn't trek-like at all, I should be at least to be able to claim originality and authorship. I guess, if I were to want to do something of a render for a model to be promoted in someway, say with the Klingon above, I would put something like;

    My thanks to Matt Jefferies and to Gene Roddenberry for the original design
    of this model I am giving away for free in admiration of their TV show ST-TOS

    since you cant really say star track and get away with it.

    but then again with 22 million fan sites, hundreds of video games, thousands of renderings and art work, several hundred novels and fan art on the cover, and role playing games, is this not now community property, as long as paramount and whomever owns the right to STAR TRIX doesn't lose over 8 thousand dollars over the sales of the art work?
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    I have to resist speaking on this subject. it upsets the artists and makes the oppression of the conglomerative borglike cube obvious. to me , its like selling grateful dead headbands . its great to see the artist's work and don't mind spending a few bucks on one to help them out and keep one for sentimental value, but feel the baton of the riot squad on my poor strawberry fields head for daring to cross the line of admiration into contributing.
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    Now for a quick question, Im on Papermodelers form and busy with an USS Enterprise porject to recolour and fix up the existing Enterprise Designs from TOS to the Ent -E, my only problem I cant find a decent copy of the Ent-E anywhere to start the fix up job. Any hints or clues on where i can get would would be appreciated. I always acknowledge the original designer as I only tinker with existing designs so no danger of claiming someone else work! Thanks
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    not anymore
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    haha I heard your message on a monster movie matinee show. it was great!!!
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    It's around, your not looking hard enough. That being said, if you do find it, keep it to yourself. It was readily available for a long time, and still is, I just don't think the site has the permission too. I don't know, nor want too. So seek, don't post anymore about it. If you find it, build it, and they will come, wait, wrong movie. Also, it's zosho, the incorrect spelling may have inhibited your search! :)
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    You could sell an assembled model of anything you want. You are selling your time building it, not the model. Include a link to where the person can get the model, or if the model says it can be distributed, give it with the model you have built and are selling. Not everyone can build these things. So if you build a Enterprise model, and someone wants to pay you for it, make sure you whack them for it, and give the a copy of the model, digitally, or the link to where you got it from. Everyone wins.

    There is nothing wrong with doing that, as long as you don't take claim as the model being yours. I will not entertain opinions to the contrary as this has already been hashed out. A well know member got quite a bit of money for his fantastic Battlestar Galactica model. I think it was worth twice as much, but he was satisfied. Precedent set, and done. This is a non issue. :)

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