Starship troopers

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by tk1055, Aug 31, 2007.

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    $250 for a resin model is not worth it.
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    I have an ISSCV from Space: Above & Beyond that you might like. (See the thread ISSCV for WIP pics. It's finished, I'm just writing the instructions.

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    Tau and Guard . . . and them other guys, too.

    There's a Yahoo group (BWC Archive) that has a lot of paper templates for land raiders, titans, and so forth. Woefully short on Tau.

    Since I'm not into Xenophobic Emperor-worshipping bigots, the Tau are my race (my own miniatures are heavily converted, not always in line with Games Workshop's rules--hence they are known as the F'Que Sept)

    At any rate, I WOULD FREAKING LOVE Tau buildings and vehicles. The curves seem like they would be a booger though.

    And if anyone could come up with a decent Baneblade, I'd take that too.

    On my design list is the little dropship that delivers vehicles to the Imperial Guard Vehicle Bay. I have a lot of screen caps, but I am still learning how to do 3D modeling.

    In the meantime, I'll beta-build for you.

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    Do you mean one of these ?

    Available approximately to correct 40K scale in a nice PDO file. Instructions are a bit mostly! But it builds fairly well. This was the first model I ever built specifically for card-modelling.

    Can upload it if there is enough demand
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  7. PDO? I have all of the ones in PDF but PLEASE upload the PDO!!!!! I can work with one of them!

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    The Baneblade is not from the website's one I built myself from scratch when I found out they didn't have one there too :thumb:

    I also did my own version of the LeMan Russ ... I didn't much like there one, and added some extra details. It's not finished ( due to other projects getting in the way ) but I would like to do a whole series of these once I get done with current builds.

    p.s. Knightstalker ... unless it fails to should have mail!
  9. I received your e-mail but no attachment:cry:. Try it again.
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    Re-sent it ...for some reason, the attachment had got stripped off...Aaargh! If it fails again, I will try zipping it up to reduce the size. It;s 1.8Mb ... so it ought to be OK... but sometimes my e-mail just gets temperamental!
  11. It's here.:mrgreen: And great job:thumb:

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    A bit more of the off-topic, someone just posted plans for the Reaver Titan (Heresy version)
  13. Where????? Don't tease me!!!!!:thumb::curse:

    ARMORMAN Guest

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    That tank rocks, I'd definately give it a go. I'm not familiar with the game, but still, a cool looking tank.:thumb:

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    I plan to do a better version when time allows, but am going to submit this model for upload for those who want to give it a go. Wont happen till I get in from work ( around 17:00 GMT ) but that should satisfy those who want to have a go :thumb:

    Damn...this hobby snowballs! Now, as well as working on a Y-Wing mesh, scratch building a large StarDestroyer AND making a rescaled T35 tank, I am getting the urge to re-awaken my efforts to make a really good set of Warhammer 40K tanks .... looks like I will have to give up sleepingsign1
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    Thanks on both counts!:mrgreen::thumb:

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    That's the beastie!

    Beautiful work, too.

    How demanding would I have to be? Could I just ask nicely? (PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!:inw:) Can you e-mail it to me? I can take attachments up to 20 megs.

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    logged in at BWC and hunted through the files, but couldn't find the Reaver (operator error on my part I'm sure). Where exactly is it located?

    aka Eduardo Miguel
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