Stargate Prometheus and Daedalus ships

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    So I know I'm breaking a lot of forum etiquette by doing this, and I really do apologize, but I'm desperate and in a pinch and need to get these paper models ASAP for a film class I'm taking, and I didn't know where else to go since I emailed the guys who made these 3 times with no reply. These are the stargate ship paper models featured on this site:

    I would have downloaded them from there, but all the download links are Down, and as I said, I'm in a pinch right now.

    If someone could PM me or post these files, I would love you forever and put you in the credits of the short that I'm doing and posting on YouTube for the class.

    Again I'm sorry for breaking forum etiquette by posting this, but as I said I'm a bit desperate. Thank you sooo much.
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    Jays Box of Sci-Fi Card Toys links are all back up - i've managed to get the models i lost a fortnight ago when my PC crashed!

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