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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Nothing, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Paragon, you FIEND! Now I've discovered the Pepakura gallery!:thumb:

    In turn, that led me to the sketchup warehouse, and now . . . I'm wondering how hard some of those sketchup thingies would be to import into Pepakura :twisted:

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    Not hard, just extremely aggravating. Google translates poorly to pep. The only time i haven't had trouble with this is when i build stuff in sketchup from the ground up and break it apart manually based on what i have learned in the past. I start to recognize what kind of shapes and intersections that don't translate well and use that when designing in sketchup, This way I can continue to use it since it is what i am most comfortable with.
  4. just thought id ask who here want a life signs detector from atlantis ;) im in the process of unfolding one teaxtures and all. ill should get it don in about a day thankyou google
    3D warehouse the model itself was constructed perfectly for unfolding.
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    So I learned a day or so ago. Unfortunately, I'm still learning Sketchup. I can lay out a basic shape, but trying to do some small things like move lines a certain distance, hollow out some parts. . . . things that would be a snap in Illustrator are taking a while.

    We're waaaay off topic here, aren't we?
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    i would be very intrested in seeing this L.S.D. you have
  7. well i should have it done soon
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    Credit where credit is due here. . . Paragon's done all the work. I just blabbed on the thread a lot.
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    Thank you so much for posting this! Have been looking for a glider for a wargaming project for ages (in plastic or resin) before I discovered card modelling. This is great, thanks!

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