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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Nothing, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. ok ive got it on now also is the atlantis finished all the buildings and lightning rods
  2. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    mostly, but i am going to see the atlantis version that somthing gave me......
  3. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    My computer is acting up today.... (when i open LWO it is soooooo slow. and Pep wont even open it.)
  4. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

  5. hey any updates the topic seems to be dead
  6. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    i think stargate has moved to papertoys. i may restart at a later date.
  7. Dracofunk

    Dracofunk New Member

    what happened with the al'kesh?
  8. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    what do you mean? I am working on a couple of models..... And nothing, what are you restarting? (sorry for not updating. I am working on atlantis. Almost done that. Making a zpm, hand detector, and some other stuff. So its been slow.... Ill post pics later...
  9. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    ohh, by the way. I am having a sort of an interview with Amanda tappings. She will be signing up with my site. More updates on that nove 30 i tihnk
  10. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    For me, I don't really have the time for Stargate. I'd like to dosomething here but not right now. I think Paper-toys has enough enthusiasm for us all on this subject.

    As for the interview, how did that come about then? Surely you can share a bit more than that? I take it this interview will be some sort of Paper-toys exclusive thing? Members only?

    Come on tell us more.
  11. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    I got an interview (more like a talk with her). She will be signing up with my site. Ill post a video on my site. Ill be asking her a few questoins. If any of you (who are signed up to my website) have some questions for her, i might take a few(im not sure now, but you may need to be a VIP)! (amanda tappings = Samantha Carter)
  12. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Oh I know who she is. I'm just curious how this came about?

    VIP, a paying member right? Thought so some how.:rolleyes:

    Well, good luck with that.
  13. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    lets do this. The first person here to ask a question for her, ill ask her for you. Thats one person ;) . Just making sure everyone know's who she is, LOL
  14. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Perhaps I'm the only one, but for those like me who don't have the slightest clue about Amanda Tapping, here you go:
    Amanda Tapping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Maybe I am the only one. I dunno...... nobody ever tells me what's going on......mumble mumble :mrgreen:.

  15. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    lol, looks like many dont know.... Any how, i take it no one wants to ask her a question?
  16. Toaster

    Toaster New Member

    How does she feel about SG1 finishing after all these seasons?Will the movies finish off the story lines well?Is there any more projects she is interested in or is she having a loooong break.Could she save the world if there were aliens keen on destroying us (just kidding).Does she have any fond memories of the time spent on SG1,or any regrets.Does she get recognised on the street a lot?Did she have any input into the storylines?What is her best part of the world that she visited?Has she come to Australia and if not would she like too?Best memory of SG1 series,funniest moment,saddest moment?Anything she would like to do still?...Ummm run out of questions.Think all of the cast and crew of SG1 are the best..Ohh is Tilc the same character in real life??
  17. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    Wow, thats more like it! lol. Ill take a few! thanks!
  18. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I think this thread is no longer serving it's original purpose.

    It's become all about Papertoys.

    I don't mean to sound rude and hope I'm not crossing a line here but that's how I'm seeing this.

    Nothing started this thread to showcase and discuss his Stargate projects. It soon got hijacked by you and now it's just about the Papertoys forum.

    Maybe you should start a thread dedicated to your site and forum? A thread where you update and discuss what's happening at your site.

    I also feel that your trying to encourage people to go to your site which I totally understand and respect, but to me you're coming on rather strong. Every post from you just about has a link to your site, even for images of what you're working on, people have to go there. Almost as if in some way you're competing with this forum or something.

    This isn't my thread so maybe I'm speaking out of turn but if it were my thread and this happened, I wouldn't be too pleased.

    If I cause offence then I appologise. I'm just speaking my mind.
  19. paulhbell

    paulhbell Guest

    Here-here. Lets get nothing back on track with his designing.
  20. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Glad I'm not alone here. I was afraid that after posting it that I may be the only one thinking this.

    Don't get me wrong PT, I've been to your forum as you well know. It's quiet at the moment but it's a pleasant enough group there. I'm not dissing your site, just airing my thoughts on this thread and what's happenned to it as a result of you promotion of it.

    I'll continue to visit and post there occasionally but I'm a person of habit and familiarity, so I'll be staying put here as I like it here more. :)

    If we're going to be back on track now then I may resume my work on the Hatak once the Sulaco is closer to the end.

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