Starfury needed!!!!

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by knightstalker527, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of a hi rez quality starfury?? I have big fingers and small parts and I do not agree so I need one to enlarge a bit. I would appreciate any help you could give.

  2. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    have you got the one thats out there?
  3. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    this one...had to find it.

    starfury views.jpg
  4. Yep I have that one and it digitizes at 150%. I have a nephew that really wants one and I am supposed to build it. So I was hoping that someone had one they were playing with. Maybe the author who did this one is a member here and he could help me. I hope someone can. BTW hows the cannons cumming?

  5. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    to be honest i havnt messed with it.between family, holiday,test builds, and tryin to finish voyager. im hoping as soon as the holidays are over to back on it.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Once again, it's on my about a thunderbolt instead?

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  7. Nothing

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    i would armorman if you could tell me how to get one.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    paypal $10 to and the PDFs are yours. :)
  9. Sorry armorman but I have never been a fan of the aardvark starfury . I always thought they needed to put the advancements into the old chassis.
    Nice model though.

  10. Kjev

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    The Starfury was a dedicated space fighter while the Thunderbolt was designed as an atmospheric/space in a sense, it was an upgrade of the Fury.
  12. Yea but it is still ugly. I will continue my quest for good B5 models.

  13. widget

    widget Member

    Once again,in the fine tradition of all SF, The aliens and bad guys get the neat looking ships and fighters. While the Earthers get the ugly clunky looking ones. :)

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Naah....I like it, that's why I designed and built the kit (who wants to pay $300 for a hunk of resin?).
  15. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Amen to that Armorman. It is a very nice model. Have you thought about re-doing the paint scheme, kinda like the screaming eagle version, or the flying tiger?

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Yes, I have, but I've been so busy in the design department that I haven't had time to go back an do that (also wanted to make an optional cockpit as well).

    The reason it's "Aces and Eights" is it is a "tribute plane" of sorts....a WW2 bomber group ran with card hands on it's tailfin and I wanted to remember them in my work.
  17. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I think it's a great model. I don't use paypal anymore because of Ebay nonesense so I'm afraid it's out of my reach, but it does look very good. :)
  18. Paladin

    Paladin Member

    Well, it is a great tribute. Hey how about a tribute to the Tuskeegee Airmen?!
    You know, the red tailed P-51's they flew.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    that's a cool idea....

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