Star Wars: The Force Awakens: X-Wing 3D build for Free.

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    I know it's for fun, but this picture says it all. "Centrifugal Debris Extractor", When the wings split, that chamber wold open, the parts would fall out. Now, if each wing had one mounted o the plane below it, as you would should be the case, fine, but the pictures don't bear it out. This kind of stuff irks the hell out of me in "Star Wars". The little stuff, at they could do right. Forget about the fact that someone can get anywhere in the same time as the other guy.. Travel and time have no meaning in the Star Wars Universe, which by my calculations, judging by the time it gets people to travel so far, must be contained in a 50' foot ball.

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    Very cool ship indeed.
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    Being a NEEEEEERRRRRDDD, I can't help but comment on this. ;)

    First, that's a T-65's engine, not a T-70's, so when the wings split this entire module stays in one piece.

    Second, if it did split for some reason, I'm sure you'd agree there would be structural members, possibly ones you can't see, that hold everything in place, similarly to how the engine is safely contained in the body of your car, despite the entire bottom side of it being exposed to the elements.

    Third, they clearly can't get anywhere the same time as the other guy, or the Death Star would have arrived at the same time as the Millennium Falcon in ANH, leaving no time for the Rebels to analyze the plans, formulate a battle strategy, train Luke to fly their fighters, and even repaint their ships for the battle.

    Fourth, travel time is no way to measure distance in a universe where engines can push you millions of times the speed of light, which is something that even modern physics predicts we'd be able to do quite easily if we had a strong enough power source (say, a matter/anti-matter reactor), thanks to the Alcubbierre warp engine which is predicted to be fully operational within a few decades. Honestly, a galactic civilization wouldn't be possible without extremely fast travel speeds.

    And FYI, if their universe really was contained in a 50' ball, it would collapse into a black hole within milliseconds because of the huge number of stars in it. In fact... I'm not sure, but I don't think a black hole made up of that many stars would even fit in a ball 50' in diameter.
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    Well, if we all had really small balls, it might help! :mooner: :drinksmile::explode::fireguy:
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    I would love to see this turned into a paper model.
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    [QUOTE="Millenniumfalsehood, post: 1005909, member: 28847"}Blah Blah Blah ;)

    First, that's a T-65's eBLah BLah BLah.[/QUOTE]

    The engines each stay with the the wing they are in. It's easily seen in every picture and still from the movies. Both concepts are based on the same principle, otherwise why would you need 4 exhaust plenum chambers. There's is some logic in the wings splitting too. In a fight, if one engine gets damaged, the debris from it wold not contaminate the engine closest, which is why most airliners have theirs engines so far apart. As far as Black Holes go, that where all Star Wars conversations end up in, or as. :noteeth: :drinksmile: :explode: :mooner:
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