Star Wars Shuttle TYDIRIUM

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by dardard, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. dardard

    dardard Member

    Hello everybody,
    I am please to introduce you my first post on this forum.
    I am a modest beginner at card modeling. I discover this during web surfing last year and I think it is one of the best hobby ever.
    I thank you all for your work on this forum, and finally I decided to go on and show you what I am working on.

    Some of you may know about it, it is the space shuttle Tyridium that you can find at
    Actually it is for me the hardest kit I worked on. The design is very well done with a lot of details. And most of all, it is quite big. So as a Star Wars fan (the first trilogy, sorry for the others) I was obliged to go on.

    I post here some pics of the work in progress

    Best regards from France
  2. Bob Ebophalus

    Bob Ebophalus Member

    Wow! Looks very nice. Your workmanship is excellent.
  3. Ken Horne

    Ken Horne Member

    Looking Great,

    I'm interested in this thread for a couple of reasons, most importantly in that I have printed this model, and have been meaning to get to it but haven't yet. I'd love to read of your progress, and any problems you encounter. It is a beautiful model.

    The other point of interest is that I hope to begin a bit of a construction thread myself for the first time. It is a little scary putting yourself out there with so many talented modelers on the list.

    Hope everything goes well,

    Edmonton, Canada
  4. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Dardard,

    Glad to see u here, your work is neat and clean. very well done :D
  5. dardard

    dardard Member

    Hi, It's me again.

    Thanks for your comments. I was wandering about making this post or not and finally I took the decision. It's not easy when you are surrounded by such master modelers all around the place.

    To reply Kenny, the Tyridium is a very well designed model. For the moment, everything goes quite well (also everything should ever be better). The parts fit is very good, little trimming is required but nothing very frightening. There are a lot of parts, some very little.

    Take your time to study the mounting drawings and the instructions, make many dry fit

    Take care of the moving parts (specially the landing gear doors).
    For this point the instructions are not clear (or am I too stupid). I found another way more easy for me :
    - first, make the moving parts without the doors, put the axis and glue to the main frame.
    - finish the mainframe as said in the instructions and wrap the fuselage.
    - and then you can glue the doors on the swivels.

    For the extensible ramp, I just discovered that you can make an axis to make her swing from the fuselage (the little black points in the frame parts) but I don't know how I will put it actually (I mean whithout destroying everything).

    I will continue to give news of my progress

    Best regards

  6. dardard

    dardard Member

    After a long break, I am finishing it.
    More than a year since I have made the first cut, it is not a speed conctruction.
    I had to reprint it because I found that I have used a paper too thin (80gr)for the skin. I have made the wings with a 110gr paper and this give a more solid construction. Unfortunatly the fuselage is delicate to handle, but I don't want to remake it now.
    I need to make the remaining guns and finsh the underside with a weight to be stable.

  7. Prowler901

    Prowler901 Member

    That's beautiful work. :) I've been wanting to that model myself. But, I need to find the right paper first.

    Keep up the great work.

  8. rackso

    rackso Member


    It looks GREAT to me ... i want to start this model, but i have to finish my ATAT first, your job is perfect and now you can enjoy your model.
    Start another model, if you take a year to build ... what´s the problem !!!! you do a beautifoul job :D :D :D :D

    have a great build !!!!

    :D :D
  9. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    thats great work...but when I printed mine out it came out with a Duck Egg Blue kind of that what you got as it does not seem so...

    John John
  10. dardard

    dardard Member

    Thanks for your comments and sorry for the pics quality.
    About the colour, it's a light blue gray but more blue than grey.
    It is an amazing kit to build with a lot of details and moveable parts, and it is free !!! A great thank you to the kit designer.

  11. dardard

    dardard Member

    At least, some new pics pf the beast.
    Previous pics have been lost during the server translation, so as I am going to move home, I let some pics here.
    I don't know if my model will survive this operation.

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