star wars R2-D2 instructions (and some of my suggestion)

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  1. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    i find this website and find out that you can build a full scale paper model of R2-D2, i find this fun, but i dont see any instruction manual at all. can someone post the instruction for the full scale model? thanks

    By the way, since we have the full scale model, i wonder if it is possible to put a radio controlled car under the paper model and we can have a radio control R2-D2, we can even put speaker on for ipod and mp3 player, making this thing useful.
  2. angevine

    angevine Member

    Hello Toronto,

    The full scale card model is basically a scaled up, enhanced version of the R2D2 on the link you gave.

    Just use the instructions from that site as a guide.

  3. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    thanks, what do you think about having a radio control car on the bottom of this model, so it becomes a radio control R2-D2?
  4. angevine

    angevine Member

    I would have thought, as long as you have enough support for the legs and some extra support inside the main body of the unit it should work ok.

    It mostly would depend on how fast you planned to have R2 spinning around the room.

    If you had the car in the front leg and some extra wheels in the side legs. it should work quite well.

    Would be interested to see how this works out.

  5. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    cool, i might do that in a few weeks, as long as i know what kind of paper i need for this! and how to print them
  6. angevine

    angevine Member

    The site quotes 200gms (basic) and use a plotter.

    When I printed mine, I used 200gms for all the main components but all struts, legs and supports I used 5mm paste board. Nice and strong.

    Just got to make it!!!

  7. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    i have my doubts about it, i have tourble to even build a X-wing star ships, i dont know if i should bother with this, but in the other hand, it looks like a very interesting project
  8. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    r2d2 henlong

    hi toronto!

    how about using a henlong tiger to move him around?

    would the hull tracks fit in the foot? and you get turret traverse for his head and elevation for his eye thing and a bb gun to boot!

    just a thought

  9. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    haha, i never thought of using a model tank to move it, maybe just some cheap radio control car:p

    i am thinking a way to move his head too, but most likely it will get too complicated and most likely gets too heavy for my cheap rc car to move:p

    however, they are great suggestion!
  10. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    my buddy has a projection unit like the pics from the site and we were thinking of doing the same kind of thing but improving it with an X-wing body around it, some of the x-wing at least. Would love to see what you come up with for the r/c version!
  11. Toronto

    Toronto Member

    anyways, do you guys know where to print this thing cheaply in canada? most of the well-known places like staples are so expensive

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