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  1. i was wondering if any one good at designing models would have a crack at designing a model of an imperial super star destroyer or maybe an imperial storm trooper darth vader C3PO even :D :D :roll: or the asualt craft from "ATTACK OF THE CLONES" it looks some what like a Russian hind attack copter :wink: :wink: :wink:
  2. that is the transport i was talking about :shock: where if any place can it be found :?: 8)
  3. rickstef

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  4. thanx for directing me to the model i saw Attack Of The clones for like the 100th time last night(yeah im a star wars freak) and really watched it closely and noticed it looked like a russian "hind" and for the first time noticed the old 50's type dinner on the republic city planet:p :roll: all i need now is to find out how to build a super star destroyer and storm troopers and good old darth himself :p
  5. 57townsman

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    star wars models: Republic Gunship

    I missed getting the gunship kit and the links are both dead now :cry: . Does anyone have new working links?

  6. sprintx

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  7. sprintx

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  8. sprintx

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  9. sprintx

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  10. rickstef

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    Hey Sprint,

    Thanks for the all the links to the files

    But do you think you can give us the site URL where this kits can be obtained normally?

  11. sprintx

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    All that models are my work, but i dont have hosting for that files.
  12. sprintx

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    I making Nebulon B frigate now
  13. sprintx

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    sorry i don´t know i need a permission sorry
  14. rickstef

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    Can you provide a list of sites where you downloaded all these models?
    and show permission from the original owners that you have their permission to redistribute their models?

    If not, please edit your last post by removing the url for downloading

  15. TheWebdude

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    Hi Sprintx.

    We're removing your download links. While you may have designed 'some' of the models you've posted I just download the large republic-rebels archive at the Admins request. Aside from it containing models designed by many of my fellow designers and friends it also contains Steve0's Gonk droid, which available at my website.

    Please refer to the forum rules before posting any further download links.
  16. Jim Lionmane

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    Why is it an .exe file, and not a .zip or .RAR file.
    What does it do?

    Jim Lionmane
  17. cgutzmer

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    There are two possibilities. Usually when you see a .exe for a paper download its a self extracting archive. In some cases its an unwanted program. Personally I NEVER run one of those unless I am very confident in its source (or hear of someone I trust doing it first)
  18. sprintx

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    Sorry sorry sorry sorry, please excuse me i´m new i dont do it again sorry guys
  19. cgutzmer

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    sometimes its easy to get overenthusiastic when you find something, just gotta be careful. If you do need some hosting space for your own models there are some people here that might be able to help you out. I suggest staying away from rapidshare for that....

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