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  1. starbuck

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    I could not believe what I found. I was searching for a good A-Wing and a Y-Wing - found pictures but no download link for a long time.

    Now - what a good luck - this:

    Might be interesting for Fans of Star Wars.

  2. zathros

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    I thought I posted this before. I did grab every single model they had!! It is better if you have a GMail account, just open it, and since it is done through 4Shafred, you get the models, and download one every 20 seconds! Great site! ;)
    The Battle Droid is 1/1 scale, that's full size!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    One of the best A-Wings![​IMG] [​IMG]

    Página inicial =means Initial Post, Postagens mais antigas means More Older Posts. This is on the bottom of the page, the forum starts on the first page, more models are to be found on the older posts. :)
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  3. starbuck

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    Hi Zathros,
    maybe you posted before - I did not see, sorry.

    I just thought there are some Star Wars fans around in this forum who might be interested.
    Yeah real great models - I also took them all.
    Started with the Y-Wing - next for sure the wonderful A-Wing.

    By the way - I saw there is a shop which sells the models. I already saw the discussion here in the forum about this
    topic - I am still wondering how it can be.


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