Star Wars: Episode VII

Discussion in 'Events & News' started by ennder, Jan 8, 2013.

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    woo hooo new Star Wars :thumb:
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    Definitely! Undoubtfully!
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    Ooh Oohh, I got an idea!! Imagine if the entered into a Galaxy Far Far Far Far Far Far away, where Newtonian physics applied and none of their stuff worked! Now that would be one to see. The land on WWII Earth and are throw into prisoner of war camps and the rest unfolds as a monologue from each of them as they languor in prison and tell the previous 6 movies in flashbacks, but everyone thinks their nuts, and their non working prop robots are systemically melted down for their unusual metal construction, of which Luke is constantly tortured to reveal where he got them, and princess Laia is, well, she hit the wall, and nobody really cares about her.

    Eventually, they all die in that galaxy far far far far far far away. Meanwhile, in that other galaxy far far far far far far away, in that world, which used to watch the stories of that galaxy far far far far far away, is finally done with it, and new people turn up with new stories and the world in that galaxy far far far far far away moves on. Meanwhile, Luke succumbs to the torture, not knowing how the stuff is made because they did not teach metallurgy in Jedi school so he has no idea. The whole group in rendered into soap on a rope bars and sold on EBAY for a minimum bid of $50 dollars but no one takes them and they spend what seems like an eternity of a shelf somewhere, in a galaxy far far far far.........................away, collecting dust. The sun melts them, they drip onto a floor, and are tossed into the bin.

    The few mitichlorians that are left form into a atomic sized spaceship, go through a micro worm whole and make it back home, but the other mitichlorians don't believe them and they are cast out. Angrily, the join the Sith mitichlorians and it turns out, on a universal level, the Sith are right! They went through the same thing, nobody really understood "it was all from a point of view", as Obiwan used to say. Hey, if there are an eternity of universes, where anything could happen, this could. :mrgreen:

    It could happen! :p:twisted:
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    Luke and Han pit Jedi willpower vs. Homeland Security waterboarding. The Millenium Falcon lands at Los Angeles Airport, where Yoda and Jabba are subjected to full-body cavity searches. Vader goes through a whole body x-ray scan, again and again because they can't decide if he is carrying a bomb under his chestplate. C-3PO uses the wrong language of greeting, and gets deported to China, where he's stripped of circuits and ends up as an I-Phone. And of course, Leah ends up going viral on Youtube being groped by TSA agents.
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    Now you're starting to scare me!:eek:sign1sign1
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    Most aspects of the US Homeland Security Act are pretty scary.
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    I hate everyone calling it "EPISODE". The movies were not originally called "Episode"-Anything...

    Latest News: Lawrence Kasdan is supposed to help write the latest star wars "INSTALLMENT". If you know him, you know he's work on the other Star Wars movies as well.

    So, HOORAY.
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    Actually you are right and wrong at the same time. The original 1977 Star Wars did indeed not have an episode number, however:

    "For the 1981 re-release of the film the subtitle A New Hope was added to the opening crawl, where it remains to this day."

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    Also take into account that Lucas was inspired by and in essence reproducing the episodic serials of his youth. Back then "installment" and "episode" were pretty much used interchangeably.
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    Holy cow, Robert Rodriguez making "SOLO". I guess he would tackle the project this way: Extremely low budget (max 4000 $), three hours long, shot in a desert town, Penelope Cruz as sexy Twi'lek dancer. And in the last three minutes of the film Harrison Ford enters the scene and kills Danny Trejo with his light machete.


    Just kidding. It'd be truely interesting to see these movies, especially a Boba Fett adventure would be cool. Let's see what the future brings us. :cool:

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