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  1. can some one tell me where if any i can find down loads of the following star wars models from revenge of the sinth
    republic early X-WING,,,,, TIE FIGHTER,,,,,,STAR DESTROYER,,,,, and
    MAIN BATTLE TANK( that thing that looks like a 8 wheeled apc or recon vech ) and off topic in the next 3 ep's of star wars what does anyone here think will happen in the adventures of luke sky walker ,the books talk about a new dark force rising , will luke turn to the dark side will han and leias children become jedi's and what of the emperor??? was he destroyed by Lord vader or is he in fact the sinth lord that has the power of life over death as was told in EP3

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  3. i was hoping paper models like this ARC-170 was out someplace for download :D
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    Anyone done a good clone trooper helmet from ep3 ?
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    1:1 scale Ep3 clone Helmet

    There's a couple of really good ones on IRP papercraft. It's a Spanish language papercraft formum in South America.

    I can't leave a link but try searching "IRP papercraft" on google it will be the first result returned. Don't click on the main result click on the "portal" which is where the designers leave links to their latest projects.

    Scroll to the bottom and click back through the days and you'll see that on 11 of March 2010 there were a couple of really good Ep.3 clone helmets posted by Matrix Scull - a 501st trooper with blue markings and Commander Cody with all the detail parts. if you scroll back to the 9 March there is another 501st trooper by Noturno - its an even better shape that the Matrixscull helmets but it's only available as a PDF. There is a catch with the Matrixscull Helmets as well - They are locked for editing and so you need to open them Pepakura viewer and if you want to changes the scale you have to do that via your printer settings. If you work your way back towards April there is also a really good Commander Neyo - Technically I think he's a BARC Trooper but it's all Ep.3...

    EDIT - and there is a Commander BLY based on Noturno's Helmet but repainted by Matrixscull on the 11th of May... 2 or 3 below the Jango Fett figure by Noturno...

    Have Fun, Post pics and give credit to the designers!

    Oh! and one more thing the Spanish word for download is "Descarga"
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    arc-170 on Paper Replika

    Try googling "ARC-170 papercraft" paper-replika have quite a few Clone wars models and a nice snowspeeder

    Sorry for the double post but it was two completely different topics under the same loose heading I'm not meaning to be facetious either I can't (don't want to) post links - but if you have a particular keyword like "ARC-170" you can go a long way with google search. In fact a lot further than if you just punch in "papercraft" or even "star wars papercraft"
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  8. paper-replika .com I recently downloaded the ETA-2 Fighter. There are others but you really have to dig for them.
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    searching the web i found this interesting site with miniatures (if you are interested)

    on the left side you have starship battles. there are 2 categories: expansion and ground assault.
    i built some of the ground assault miniatures and they are great...

    maybe you'll like them
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    Check your PMs... I think you will find enough to keep you busy for quite a while. You will have to browse these sites, but each designer listed has at least one worthwhile Star Wars model. :thumb:

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