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  1. Gixergs

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    Hi I no there are no paper models on these sites but I wondered if any of the model Gods out there could use the info on them to come up with a SW Blaster model ? and The Definitive How To - Blaster Rifle I will one day try the builds on the site but if I could fail to do a paper one first I wont feel so bad failing to do the sites ones
    Cheers Phil
  2. jaffro

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    I remember reading that same tutorial for the blaster rifle a few years ago when I was helping make some props for a star wars fan film, we ended up borrowing the blasters and rifles from some star wars fans who had some rather impressive prop collections.

    I wasn't into paper models at the time so didn't even contemplate the possibilities of doing it in paper, but now that I am into paper/card models i'm wondering why this hasn't been done yet... and looking forward to seeing if someone takes this on.

    A better start would be to hunt down some 3D models of the blaster, which would be a lot easier to translate into a card model.
  3. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    I was just having a look for something else and stumbled across these...

    Vanishing Point: Free Items

    If you scroll down the list, you'll find 3D models of various star wars weapons... Han Solo's blaster pistol, Imperial blaster rifle, jango's gun and oodles and oodles of lightsabres.

    I don't know much about converting these to card models though, if I did I'd be busy working on the blue thunder mesh from the same site :D

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