Star Trek Voyager console

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    Hey gang,
    be busy with other fronts. Now I had some time and created a basic console seen on the tv show Star Trek Voyager. This project had two goals for me. One was to make sure I remember how to make card models and two this particular model will be made full size as a personal computer desk.

    Here is a pic from a book as to what I was going for.

    Some steps of the test build.

    And the finished test build. Please keep in mind that I was not too careful with the test build. This was only a reference for the full size build. The file is sized at 1:6 scale ( My daughter wanted to play with the paper model with barbie)


    More to come with the full size build.
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    Stilgar's back - YAY! :)
  3. stilgarhammer

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    Yeppers, been too long.
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    Awesome! Always cool to see one of these projects taken to full size.Claphands
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    Very impressive!

    Gonna watch this one...

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