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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Rapidtox, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Rapidtox

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    Hello friends, here are my first model from the movie Star Trek No. 1 (to see if joining the Federation of Planets), the model is from Homespun Magixx, wait for the diorama, I accept suggestions, greetings. :mrgreen:

    "Live long and prosper"

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  2. silveroxide

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    Good work on the build. Some one here or at the other site also built this model, but he did the interior and you could see a paper cut out of Spock through the window. I cannot remember where the build is but he gave a build thread as to how he did the interior.
  3. Rapidtox

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    Thanks for the comment, I think that is a model of Rawen, but have not found a suitable pattern for the diorama, your suggestions are welcome.
  4. maybe I'm reading it wrong, is it you'r first build or first star trek model? If it's you'r first mod.....out standing for a first build.
  5. Rapidtox

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    Other models

    To Closet Astronaut: is my first model of Star Trek, here you will see a LEGO version of Piromodel trooper I did.

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