Star Trek TOS transporter diorama

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  1. i think i got one like that off a massive link site last night. it isnt the guy who died and did the shuttles, and the romulan escape craft and botany bay. this is a acrobat pdf and is pretty good, but im running out of ink!
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    THough it's on my back burner, I'd like to use this transporter model with my 8" Mego star trek dolls, up size it, and add a control panel and backdrop.
  3. transporter for mega figures


    i would suggest that unless you are an expert at sizing that you cut and paste each part into a entire page sized unit.
    then, you will need to take it to a print shop or someone with a great paint program and keep each piece in scale. you can also do this by cutting out a sheep of black paperscan each part into a page that is about 6 inches by 4 inches, and then cutting out each printed out piece and scanning them in one by one, with the black peice as a consant size. then simply cut around the black piece and paste it into ms paint, keeping the dashed square around it, right click inside the square and copy to, desktop or a folder you make for this rescale. it will come out 81/2 x11'' , the whole thing the scanned peice with the black background over it when you scanned it.
    and i would also reccomend that you use wax paper to print you rescaled peices on for the floor pads, the roof lantern red parts, and the back drop of the shimmering panels, you can then use white leds behind those peices to light them up., red in the lanterns if you want and intense red. use a 470 resistor from the black 9volt battery cap to the wire that the leds are on, inbetween.
    use a 9volt battery for this.
    battery resistor leds and wires

    if you dont understand my explanation, [i know i aint the greatest teacher] email me and i can draw it out and send it to you.
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    what a great model thank you for sharing it

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