Star Trek: TNG:- Wolf 359 Diorama - micro build log

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by linweseregon, Feb 15, 2014.

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    unbelievable. wow. incomprehensible. cant wait to see the next one. you have worked on and established a new jaundra,...micro builds.
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  2. linweseregon

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    @Rhaven Blaack It's not too bad - maybe just a wee bit wobbly around the saucer rim :)

    Well, here goes with my biggest challenge. This is the Springfield class USS Chekov, named in honour of Pavel - even if a last minute USS Tolstoy was added ;). As usual I'm starting with the saucer of the now very familiar Galaxy class:-
    I obtained the name and registry from an orthographic, whitened out everything that wasn't letters or numbers and pasted it in place. I was then on less familiar ground:-
    The pod shape was obtained from the same ortho', the front and back from another ortho'. I had to recolour the pod to match the Galaxy design better. The saucer halves were not joined because I knew that a lot of shaping would be needed on the secondary hull before they could be attached. I also required a disc of thicker card sandwiched between the halves. The square of grey card was used for shaping the edges of the pod. I left the nacelle supports as they were, but stretched the curved hull sections to give a profile which was closer to the Chekov plans I've seen, ie long and shallow. The remaining piece (bottom left) was also taken from the first ortho' recoloured and extended. This was a rough draft which would need to be properly shaped by dry fitting and trial and error trimming. The result can be seen below:-
    I had to build up a support for the pod using other pieces of that previously shown grey square. The plans seemed to indicate that the space from the bridge to the rear of the pod support is level. The pod itself had to be hoisted so that the underside would be at the same approximate height as the underside of the nacelles, hence the thin box at the centre of the rear end. There was a consensus that a tertiary hull was present. For this I used a slightly modified Galaxy class secondary hull with struts from an Oberth class cut in half. This left the nacelles to be constructed:-
    The undamaged USS Chekov may have looked something like this:-
    Now all that's left is to blow the crap out of it! ;)
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    another awesome one! I hope its properly charred.
  4. linweseregon

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    @spaceagent-9 lol - it took me a wee while (ran out of tealights!), but it's the most charred of them all.

    I was working on mounts and lights yesterday. The pics don't really convey all that much, but here they are anyway:-
    I've bored a hole through Wolf 359 and planted a bulb in it which just about shows up. I'm still having problems with the phasers - it looks as if I'll have to replace the Yamaguchi's filaments; the Saratoga's phaser is working now though. I would also like to replace those heavy duty 'cables' on the Firebrand - they're ridiculously thick!
    I managed to find a shop in Ayr that sells tealights so I was able to get to work on demolishing the Chekov:-
    I just need to add some debris, blacken the white wires and mount it. After that there's more fibre optics to sort out for the Ahwahnee's phasers, and I'll have to find something for the Bellerophon's photon torpedoes. I think my compact camera can record wee movies and I'm intending to shoot a run past that shows the flickering effects once everything is finished.
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    just got back from the longest tiring hard day this year so far, it was great but I walked in the door dead tired, and whammmo! like a surpise Christmas party, here is the pretty lites and ships!!! thank you for cheering my evening.
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    My God, you are better (or worse ? :D) than the Borg - I see PERFECT DESTRUCTION here! :):):)
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    I love it . last night I dreamt Obama care was putting in chip boxes directly into the tops of our heads. resistance is futile until the next election lol!!! [ no political preferences here, just a comment on my dream!!]
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    @spaceagent-9 Glad I could 'brighten' up your day ;):)

    @Revell-Fan lol - I stay up late at night to practice ;). I was kinda sorry to shred this one as I don't think anybody else has made one (?), but the Borg are relentless so it had to be done :eek:

    Sorry to say that I made absolutely no progress today. The entire house was in an uproar with a bunch of numpties fitting a boiler and radiators, another guy fitting a new electricity meter, yet another dude doing an insurance assessment for a leak in the roof, and torrential rain turning the road into a river threatening to flood us out. Add five demented dogs to the mix and the result was pure chaos! Who needs the Borg?!? :confused:;) The best of it is that they took all day to fit the boiler then left before making sure that it works - which it doesn't! o_O Oh well, there's always tomorrow :)
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    hang in there!! at least its honest confusion and hard work!!
    around here its like one of those reality shows they had to ban a few years ago.
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    if I printed Ron's domes
    or modified them slightly to clear and then gold stripes,
    and then printed them on waxpaper or even typing paper,
    built the collar, and then collared over that on the tube nacelle,
    with some blinking ambers and maybe a stead red in back, that pager motor could jiggle the dome in a spin.
    thus tos effect.
    interesting, I will put it on my first priority list. thanks Zath!
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    Oh man, or Woman, I should say!! Fantastic!!

    Guys, use the "LIKE" clicker on the bottom right of
    linweseregon's posts!
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  12. linweseregon

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    I've uploaded a short, grainy video to my blog. It's almost there guys :). I think a proper version can be seen here I know it should be Locutus speaking and I'll remedy that when I shoot a better video. At least it shows the flickering tealights better than still photos ;)
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    wow that is just too much!!! you cant even see the power wires, just the weapons and tractor beams! I hope McHale sees this one!!! you really ultimate the diorama scifi scene with this. great job!
  14. Cforrest900

    Cforrest900 Member

    This turned out BEAUTIFULLY!
  15. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    looks great, I love the phaser and tractor beam effects
  16. linweseregon

    linweseregon Well-Known Member

    I didn't do anything at all yesterday as my wee dog had to be put down and I was devastated.

    @spaceagent-9 @Cforrest900 @micahrogers Many, many thanks guys :). It's been a long job (~5 weeks), but I reckon that's it about done.

    I've added the finishing touches - photon torpedoes and a Constitution class wreck. For the photon torpedoes I made nicks in some 0.25mm fibre optic filaments and attached 2mm bicone beads - red for the Bellerophon and green (of course!) for the Klingons. The Connie isn't to scale; I used the Enterprise A that I'd built because it was destroyed by plumbers. The video with light and sound can be found here:- and I'll possibly take some photos from various angles. Thanks to everyone for all the positive commentary along the way - it kept me going during the times I was ready to heave it all out the window! ;)
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    you destroyed my models :(:(:( YOU ARE THE (PAPER) BORG QUEEN!!!

    i like the diorama!
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    she brings order to chaos! so here's my order [lol- im just kidding!] how about this next as a mini diorama?

    SCI-FI (123).jpg
  19. Revell-Fan

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    HOLY FRAK!!!! This is absolutely incredible! Great work!
  20. linweseregon

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    @D-WHALE Well, as they say "Resistance is futile" ;). Glad you like it :)

    @spaceagent-9 I think Marco would say that I bring chaos to order by ransacking his brilliant designs :D. You like making work for me Jim! lol "The Enterprise Incident" it is, and I already have the design for Romulan D7's :)

    @Revell-Fan Many thanks - I'm very flattered :)

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