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  1. well ive decided as a side project to the andromeda id start building props from the TNG erra this includes: Voyager, DS9, TNG.
    So far I have modeled the large voyager PADD and unfolded numbered labled and im ready to start my test build. after that and ive fixed any errors ill make instructions and release. The other props I plan to create are. (and ill update this list with my progress)

    endgame padd
    complete set of comm badges + pips
    mobile holoemitter
    hypospray + vials
    voyager phaser
    voayger small padd (completed)
    voyager nelix's padd
    voyager large padd (COMPLETED)
    voyager tricorder medical/scientific
    TNG medical tricorder
    TNG padds
    Geordis engenering padd (in progress)
    TNG dustbuster phaser
    TNG flashlight phaser
    TNG cricket Phaser
    dermal regenerator
    isoliner data chips
    ODN scanner
    various other engenering tools
    Phaser rifles

    all of the ones with screens will have diffrent ones to chose from
    and the tricorders will have removable scanners and hinges and the TNG
    tricorder will have the top section removable holding another device.

    im in the progress of creating a website so ill upload them to there as i complete them.

    ohh and please give me some feedback on what you think about this idea
  2. Update ive started the small voyager padd see the attached pic.

    now my roblem is i need to put a hole right the way through the mesh for the screen hole and button hole and i need to know how so can anyone help

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  3. Nothing

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  4. thanks that helps alot nothing i tried all ways to do it on the other padd
  5. the small voyager padd almost done been adding simple teaxtures
    buttons and screens next

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  6. new padd uploaded bringing the total to two models the one now is the small padd next i want the medical triorder anyone now of orthos to star trek props
  7. col. kurtz

    col. kurtz Member

    Like the padd and ur site starship :) keep up the excellent work :) :)
  8. shiftdel

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    Excellent work!! 1:1 star trek props (they are 1:1 scale, right?) are always welcome. They would be an instantaneous success at any Star Trek convention ;)

    Already downloaded the 2 available :D really nice pads!!
  9. and yeah they are 1:1 scale i used templates from this tutorial that shows you how to make them out of styrene his website is on my links page nice to get some feedback too thanks next nelixs padd then endgame padd then ill takle the docs holoemmiter
  10. ive added an updated version of the large padd to my site better teaxtures
  11. PaperRonin

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    Ey Staship Builder,

    I have some 3D models of the Comm Badges from TOS, TnG, VOY and even some Future/Mirror Universe ones. Have been trying my hand on those, but my modelling is a little rusty, so I keep ending up with weird 'broken up' parts when I unfold...

    I can get the models to you if you'd like?
  12. yeah sure ill PM you my email thatll give another model completed on the prop collection ohh and nelixs padd should be finished today and uploaded
  13. PaperRonin

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  14. got them thanks they look good
  15. doctors holoemitter is now avalible on the download page of my site
  16. Nothing

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    thank you. another nice one.

    i find it ironic a long while ago i was going to do what you are doing. my AADD(sign1) pushed me else where. im really glad you are doing this!!:thumb:
  17. thanks nothing nice to see people are likeing them ive just finished the commbadges to add
  18. hey guys 29th century comm badge added to the commbadge PDF and ill show some pics of nelixs padd i should finish it soon but its a complicated padd
  19. just added a stargate pegasus version not very good i know but theres not many gates

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