Star Trek TNG:- "All Good Things" Diorama - micro build log

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by linweseregon, May 9, 2014.

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    @spaceagent-9 Thanks Jim :D. This one's just a bit over 3" - I'm slipping! ;)

    @Revell-Fan lol Stranger things happen at sea - and even stranger things in space - so mibbe they will use my thread :D

    @Rhaven Blaack Thanks Rhaven :D. And now it's coming apart... ;)

    Now that the lead ship is built, it's time to take it apart again:-
    The head and the port wing have flickering LEDs inside them - there isn't room in the starboard wing. Three main cuts gave me four large chunks of ship and I then made smaller contouring cuts to the exposed edges. All the internal layers had to be removed to make space for the bulbs. I used my usual method of filling open areas with damage printed paper, crumpled up and pushed into the gaps and cracks. I'm going to leave the port nacelle buckled and connect the rear of the starboard nacelle with a bit of wire. The fourth chunk (not shown) will be minced to make a central debris field and I'm going to try an experiment with a capsule of clear plastic, another LED and some cotton wool to simulate a massive explosion.
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    use a laser pointer use a laser pointer!!!!!! inside a stream of clear plastic! oh, people will stare at it, no good. try a super bright red led.
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    I still have some work to do on the Ent-D's phaser, but in the meantime I've got some preliminary shots.
    I connected the LED wiring inside the capsule of plastic I mentioned yesterday and encased it in a very thin layer of cotton wool which I teased out a bit here 'n' there. When that was done I joined up the three main chunks with wire and pierced the port wing to hold a stand. The plastic capsule was also pierced to give stability to the fibre optic filament for the Ent-D - I'll be adding an additional filament or two and threading them through to a red LED (yellow LEDs are rubbish for phasers!). The minced central chunk was filled with damage printed paper and the bits were strategically placed before I finished the explosion by scattering tiny pieces of copper wire and metal flakes over the cotton wool:-
    And without the camera flash:-
    Using the remaining packing I had from my Asterix the Gaul flash drives I was able to simulate the look of the shields around the Pasteur:-
    A piercing in the plastic holds the voodieh disruptor fibre optic quite nicely.
    I added an extra layer for the red plates on the top and bottom of the voodieh's wings:-
    and also for the green plates on it's head:-
    So everything is in it's final position waiting for the Ent-D's phaser to be added:-
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    that is so cool!!!!
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  7. Rhaven Blaack

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    This looks really good!!!
    I find it quite interesting how you are able to make certain components to show the effects that you are wanting!
    Your building skills are also showing improvement as well.

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    Absolutely! I wouldn't use yellow LEDs either. Orange ones could work, too (these are relatively new so I don't know if they are available at your place). If you don't have LEDs in the desired colour you may take what's available and recolour them with transparent colours.
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    WOW!! Those two Negh'Vars look amazing! I love what you did for the shields on the pasteur!
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    great job it looks amazing
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    @spaceagent-9 @Rhaven Blaack @Cforrest900 @kirby stewart Thank you all very much! :D

    @Revell-Fan I'm just going to paint the filament and welding rod supporting it with a mix of red paint and fluorescent yellow - I think it'll give a much better effect than even a 1mm fibre optic filament. I've also started researching for one of the DS9 dioramas that you suggested. I'm thinking about "Operation Return", mainly because I have most of the designs already - I could make my own templates, but quite frankly I neither have the time nor the inclination to start designing my own at the moment :confused:. It's enough of a challenge for me to shrink the superlative work done by others :D. Having said that, I'll need to come up with a Jem'Hadar battlecruiser design and something for the Federation attack fighters... At a scale of 1:8000 I think it'll be a bit of a logistical nightmare! lol Eg, the attack fighters will be a whopping 5mm in length ;)
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    Well, I guess with all those Mexican stand-offs in space the DS9 battles could turn out like chess games! :)
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    Every model you make is better than the previous. It makes one wonder how far you can take this, I guess the answer is, "All the way!". LED's can be really manipulated. Take one and heat it up or flatten on side at a time with a hot butter knife. As long as you don't expose the cathode and anode, it will light. That will give you LED's which you can mount anywhere, and get some really crazy effects. :)
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    FORCE FIELDS! :nailbiting: Oh (wo)man, you have really taken the reigns on this. There's so much going on in those pics, they speak for themselves! I don't even know what to write. Superb! You humble many people who model, everywhere! :bear:
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