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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sdk2knbk, May 7, 2006.

  1. sdk2knbk

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    Anyone out there interested in beta testing my SS Aurora and Tholian models? the attached images are of my original alpha build. There was no "nose" at the aft end since the reference pics I had then didn't show one clearly. I've since found out differently. The Tholian ship can be built from the same file currently, just omit the engines. I originally had these on the old SG designer's group. Alan from downunda listed it on his Trek models page, and I still get occasional requests for them, the latest a couple of days ago. So I decided it was about time to finish them. Let me know what you think.

    Scott K.

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  2. Mace

    Mace Member

    That looks very nice :) So what's the difficult level?
  3. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Thanks Mace. Difficulty should be easy. After all, if *I* could build it......
  4. Mace

    Mace Member

    Whahahahaha I don't believe that for a sec. :) I'm visting my nephew next week, hopefully he likes it, because I don't have the time at the moment :( ;)
  5. sdk2knbk

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    No replies

    <rant mode on> Come on, people! 100 downloads of the model, and no one is actually building it? *I* found a couple of glaring errors when I built one, but I've been waiting for some feedback in case there are other problems to correct before I post another one. The loud silence out there is why I pulled the model(s) the last time. I know there's a lot of great stuff out there besides the Tholian/Aurora, but *somebody* must have tried to build one by now... <rant mode off>

    I would have posted another pic, but one of my cats crunched the new build of the Tholian before I could take any pictures or finish the conversion to the Aurora.

    Scott K.

    Mace, just ignore this post, at least I *have* heard from you... :)

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Scott,

    Thats a nice looking model, I had forgotten all about the Tholian ship from star trek, thats the one that made the "web" that almost snared the enterprise right?
    Well, dont take the silence too seriously, some folks just dont build scifi models.
    Something you might consider is allowing jleslie to host the model on his scifi page over at the lower hudson valley challenger center (Lhvcc). You can see his sci fi page here: .
    jleslie is a member here so you might be able to contact him here or thru email at his site.

    hope this helps, have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
  7. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    GW, I was just griping over the fact that the view counter for the model file was at 100 (105 now), and no one has written to yell at me for the messed up nose section on it yet. This tells me that either people are just stockpiling all of the freebies they can find, or, the model is so bad that nobody *wants* to build it. I did consider asking Jon to host it (and others), but I don't have any decent final build shots to send with it yet. (Gotta get some more ink and build a good one!) Thanks for the kind words and advice.

    Hope you have/had a good one too,

  8. sjsquirrel

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    Hey Scott. I'm one of the ones that downloaded your aurora but just haven't gotten around to it yet. Been test building Gearz' Galactica in between a race car for my son and an airplane for myself. I printed off the Aurora and it looks like a pretty quick build. I'll build it over the next couple weeks for you and post comments. Won't be able to send pictures though - my camera's on vacation with my wife. Maybe when she get's back.

    A couple questions:
    1. Maybe I'm missing something, but why are the red triangles for the windows separate pieces instead of just being colored in where they belong?

    2. It's not immediately clear how you intend parts P1-P4 and P2-P3 to be assembled - It looks to me like the tabs on one part of each pair need to be colored so it can be assembled in a 3d box shape. Is that correct, or did you intend they just be glued together in a more or less 2D arrangement?
  9. TheWebdude

    TheWebdude Just a Member

    Don't stress over it. You'll find if you ask around that most of us have thousands of downloads of our works and if we're lucky about two or three "thank you's" per thousand downloads and if we're extremely lucky we might see one build photo per two to three thousand downloads.
    Me? I'm just glad they download at all.:-D

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Scott,

    Well, I for one tend to stockpile models, I have so many that there is no way I could finish them all if I was to build 2 a week (up from 1 a week) for the rest of my life, and I am only 42.
    So people stockpiling them is not that far fetched an Idea. Then Again, you must realize there are groups of model builders, aircraft, cars, real space, sci fi space, animals/figures, buildings, trains, cartoon, automation, fantasy etc..etc... There are more of some than others. You can tell just by looking at the posts in most any model forum that there are more aircraft modelers than say building modelers and more real space modelers than animal modelers.
    On another note, it may just be that people read and downloaded the files but did not reply. Posts often go unanswered in forums, I just typed a post welcoming the new members here from the Uk scale models website yesterday and I slowly watched it pass down the list on the front page just happens sometimes. I know the people are here, and I know the post was read, which is what counted in that particular case, so the post achieved its purpose. And like I said about yours, I am sure that there were lots of people who have downloaded your models and said nothing.
    Finding a site like Jons or others that will host your model will get you more "attention" I would think than a single post in a forum, especially a site that already has star trek related models.
    So, dont fret over what you precieve as not enough feedback, there are people like me who download the models for assembly at a later date.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  11. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Ohoooo Scott, I can relate to your rant on maaanny subtle levels, sure... its disappointing ..sure its humiliating... but take like a man god damn it!!!! LOL sorry couldn't resist. Seriously, Webdude's pretty much nailed it, try getting thousaaannnndss of DL's without as much as a 'kiss my arse'. In all fairness I've been guilty of it myself from time to time ( chronic collecting) and it can be a time consuming hobby. Take heart ~ you can bail from developing and curse all the ungrateful little snots that trawl for the freebies like a hoover, OR believe that at least a few genuine modellers have your model sitting happily on their shelves.

    This IS a timely reminder for all the lurkers out there, there's no excuse for not tapping a few measly lines ( unless your keyboard is crawling with Redbacks (Blackwidows ?) Developers usually invest a LOT of time + $ to provide you with a FREE model. Speaking for myself, though I'm sure other Devs would agree, a thankyou is nice but the real joy comes from knowing (seeing) that someone has built your model. Its up to you, want ppl like Scot to get disgruntled and stroll off ?

    Having banged on about that Scott, I'm feeling pretty guilty for a "do as I say.." so I'll have to build your Aurora now, not quite sure how, but I will.
  12. cjd

    cjd Member

    Hi. As someone who has recently (re)discovered papermodels, I have been stockpiling models like crazy, and I'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody who makes their models available for free. I have hundreds of ideas for models, and if I ever acquire enough skill and time, I fully intend to make them available for nothing.
  13. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Hi cjd

    As a designer myself, I do hope you can learn the art of kit designing. I started with a simple model of the Flintstone family car several years ago and have since completed four more models from the animated television series.

    I like to hear from people who have downloaded my kits, and have on several occasions. However, I really love it when I see one of my models on display in a show or something.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums and should you need any help designing models, ask away. There are a lot of folks here who are capable of answering a large variety of questions.

  14. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Oh, don't mind me, I'm going through some rather unpleasant times and am being a bit too sensitive. I'm also a bit embarassed for having missed the mistakes in the first place and posting it *before* it was ready. That's what I get for not doing a test build first.

    Gearz and Webdude, you're right, and I *do* know better....

    sjsquirrel, Thanks for the feedback. Since I never got to finish my test build of the color version, I missed the problem with parts P1-P4. They are supposed to have one set of colored tabs, and 1 set of white tabs for glueing, to form the 3d box shape. The problem I had with the original is how to keep the resulting part's shape at 90 degrees. I used a folded strip glued to the inside fold as reinforcement on the original, but made no provision for it on this version. The triangular pieces are seperate because they were on the original model too. I'll add the P1-P4 fix to my list, which also includes the missing nose color (on alternating sides) as well as some tabs to hold the nose together.

    To all other designers out there, Thanks much for your models! I've been trying lately to thank people as I complete a model from them. (most recently Gearz, DaWind, and Jaybats). Ashrunner, I've downloaded your Flintstones stuff too, and it looks great, although I haven't gotten around to printing or building yet (Gee, isn't that what I was ranting about in the first place? OK, I guess the pot calls the kettle black a lot in my house..:) ) And Rick, I *really* like the Wacky Races cars, especially the Mean Machine. (so many good models, so little time and ink...)

    To those who've downloaded the Tholian/Aurora, hold off printing just yet, I'll try to have a corrected one up later in the week.

    Scott K.
  15. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Updated Aurora file

    Here's the updated Aurora file. I did add tabs to the nose, but they don't show very well due to the loss of resolution when I printed to pdf. Can anybody tell me how to avoid this problem in the future? (Printed to PDF Factory from Acdsee, original file from Psp 6.0).

    Scott K.

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  16. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Scott, I use a product called PDFCreator (
    It's free, and it seems to work great. You could try it and see if gets you better results.

    By the way, I started te Aurora build and just edge-glued the nose. Works fine, just takes more patience.

  17. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Steve, are you building the first or second release? Thanks for the link, I'll try it when I get home later (on my old junker comp at the in-law's) BTW, what is this "patience" thing? I've heard of it, but don't seem to have any of my own :).

  18. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Re Version

    I'm building the first version although I will reprint the page with the engine mounting arms. The hull is almost done now, just have to do the engines. I'll send pics and notes as soon as she's finished.

    One small problem I had when assembling the hull - attaching H1/H2/H3 to C1 - something must have gotten glued slightly crooked because the second H assembly wouldn't sit flat against C1 (I still have to glue the third so not sure about it yet). I had to glue one end, let it dry (that's that patience thing - sit back and wait or do something else while something happens without you :), then glue the other end and sort of twist the whole thing and hold it in place until the glue dried enough to hold it.

    I haven't yet been able to identify exactly what caused this - I think it's a slight twist in the C1 assembly but am not totally sure. After I finish this one I'll probably do another build of the hull parts to see if the same thing happens.

    Other than that - so far so good. More to come.....

  19. sdk2knbk

    sdk2knbk Guest

    Finally tried PDF Creator. The output looks better than PDF Factory, plus no unwanted text across the bottom of each page. The file size is higher, though. (The price for better resolution, I guess). Thanks, Steve. So here's yet another version to download, no actual changes over the last one, just a better quality copy.

    Scott K.

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  20. Gearz

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    edit ~ Found the answer to my question..

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