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  1. hey guys just a question on electronics from star trek such as the lithing curcuit form pahsers with the bars and the buttons but were you can get them cheap id make them myself but am no good and the only ones ive found are like $300 at and i dont want to but lights which cost more than the prop and also i simply dont have the money. anything you guys have would be nice. because im considering building phaser the type three phaser rifle what i done after the new teaxtures have been done (ill release this version once done and making eletronics on it etc. of course id have to stragnthen it. for batteries etc.
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    What sort of effects are you going for? Most of the lighting effects of the handheld hero props were simple flashers and chasers, stuff you'd find in your average Christmas light string. Also, if you want a *real* phaser beam effect, try getting a DVD burner drive (16x or better) and follow this video on assembling a burning laser pointer, but modify the design to fit into your phaser prop. For a TOS phaser beam, get a Blue-ray player and rip the laser from it. It produces a beautiful blue laser beam, similar to the one in this photo of an Enterprise model from Starship modeler(if you like the image, here's the rest of the page). EBay sometimes lists auctions for blue lasers, which run anywhere from $60 to $100 and which can be hooked up to a 3v battery set.

    The Blue-ray players can be had for cheap if you know where to look(I have heard of stupid people who don't know how to hook them up actually *throwing them away* instead of fooling around with them).
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    Kip Kay did some cool stuff with a blu-ray laser and a Star Trek Phaser Toy.
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    Good source for switches and high power LED’s is

    I would be very cautious of building props with working lasers to much chance for a burned retina.

    Jim Nunn
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    I remember that vid but I had lost the link. Thanks for posting it! :thumb:
  6. Millenniumfalsehood

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    Hmm. I believe there is a counter chip, a 40-something or other, which does that. Let me get back to you.
  7. okay thankyou for your help you guys
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    Hey, I found out what chip to use, and the guy who reminded me of it offered to draw up the circuit diagram and test it out. He said to use a Johnson counter chip, and instead of a clock simply hook up a switch, and if you need more than ten LEDs then hook up another counter in parallel with an AND gate. If you give me some time I'm sure he will be done with the circuit plans soon. :thumb:

    Btw, all the supplies you'll need will probably not cost any more than $50 or so.
  9. thats great thanks $50 dollars is alot better than $300 wanted
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  11. theres also the tricorder and the wrath of kahn pahser coming out soon

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