star destroyer work in progress....

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by gofficfool, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    hi all....

    just spent a productive afternoon designing a mesh for a star destroyer.. peparuka don't like some of it but it's atleast coming up with something :)

  2. gippolot

    gippolot Member

    It's looking pretty good from here. :)
  3. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    that looks awesome!!! I love Star Wars models
  4. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member


    so do i!! :)

    and i can't find a card one.... soooo

    i'll release the mesh and peparuka file as soon as i have the basics....

    then start on the detailing :)

    anyone fancy doin some maps?

  5. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member



    RATS... nothing new under the sun eh?

  6. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    i've made the tie fighter and the sandcrawler from that site. The models are top notch. If you're looking for some different star wars models try this site they also have paper figures to scale with their models.
  7. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hi gofficfool.. don't worry if a subject has been done, variety ( in design) is the spice etc.. Your obviously pretty good with the 3D, just as a suggestion, something that might be of interest to you as a future project ~ I saw a great pic of one of the SD's turret turbo Lasers in ?? one of the SW tech schematic/cutaway books??? Anyway.. I recon one of the SD turbo turrets would make an interesting 'Monitor' model, that is to say a small version/s to mount on top of you PC's monitor..?? I usually sit a small model ( or bits there of ) on top of mine from time to time. A simple version would be a good incentive to get more SW fans into card modelling?

    food for thought, if nothing else.
    Keep at it.
  8. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member


    hi all!

    was doing ok at adding some more features and had a crash! and had only saved about half the work.... sniff

    so here it is.....

    gearz... any idea if i can d/l that turbo laser turret illustration? i intent to add finer work to this model as i go along...... :)


  9. Toaster

    Toaster New Member

  10. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    Hey gofficfool..sorry the turret I was looking at, is from a "VENATOR' class SD, the gfx is on the page 5 'BRHC' of this publication..

    STARWARS Revenge of the Sith
    Incredible Cross-Sections
    By Curtis Saxton

    My kids picked it up for me = I'm working on a A6 Juggernaut page 21..

    Just looking at it again, that turret would make an excellent detailed stand alone SW model ( cutaway with full interior etc)

    *Sorry I can't supply a pic, perhaps one of our members could oblige and post a scan of the turret if they have this book?

    Your 3d model is looking good, give the card version plenty of internal bracing. The model Sheila linked above, was a little lacking in that department.

  11. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    cross sections?

    thanks for the wookipedia link toaster ( is that like red dwarfs Talkie Toaster ??? ;)

    thanks for the nfo gearz.......

    i'll hope some charitable individual helps on that one.....

    oh she'll have bracing alright.... i'm planning on a final model approx 3ft long! so i'll design a chassis from something like mounting card! i'll make smaller testers as i progress :)

    i have built (from plans ) a few scale rc aircraft models in my time and done 3d modeling for about 10 years ( all origional ) so the combination of those with card modeling should be fun

    on my to do wish list for sf model designs are..... 2001- discovery and pods, 2010- the leonov, event horizon- both ships! alien- various.... battle beyond the stars- the snail ship, babylon 5- babylon 5! and many others.....

    gonna need some more spare time methinks.... ho-hum!

    anyway the star destroyers started and i added the generator thingys

  12. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member


    not sure about the bridge front.... hmmmm

  13. Toaster

    Toaster New Member


    "Picks himself up off the floor"..OH MY GOD!!!!!Now thats what I,m talking about..Brilliant work :grin:
    Toaster as in Cylon variety!!:twisted: Ahh Red Dwarf...Many happy memories.8) Cheers mate.Looks cool to me.
  14. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    peparuka n textures

    been fighting with uv maps , art packages and pep to try and wrap some panel artwork onto this baby

    not overly happy but she looks better for it i think

  15. Sumato

    Sumato Member

    Is all of this 3d detail going to be on the paper model? If so, how big will you make it? How do you plan to unfold all of the geometry?
  16. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    hi sumato.....

    i've kept the actual geometry relativly simple ( lol ) and i'm working the model up in layers ie. hull, engine wall, engines, tower etc there are 14 layers so far and some like the scanner globes are gonna be sub kits in themselves!

    for myself i'll look at a 3 ft long model but will try out a 1 footer to see if everythings working out.

    peparuka is the unfolder i'm trying to get to grips with... works great! but sometimes makes odd decisions so will tweak as i go along

    as i said in prev post, i'm trying to get a nice looking panel texture for the basic shapes... but i get bored easily and can only do about an hour of drawing random squares before i fall asleep :)

  17. loafandjug

    loafandjug Member

    this project of your keeps getting better and better. awesome work!!
  18. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    scale scale scale!!!

    hi all. spent the weekend putting the beast through the printer and discovering what i did wrong!... lots!

    i've decided on a final size of about 2 ft... that will allow some amount of detail. also gonna need to design and construct a frame ( chassis ) and probably a support/ display stand as once the hull base takes shape it keps fallin over :)

    will post some peparuka design sheets as soon as i get my head together on what needs doin onthis project

  19. gofficfool

    gofficfool Member

    almost got the hang of this thing

    here's a sheet thats almost the final version..... my photoshop is busted and i'm using/learning the gimp for textuting... i hate it, but it's free and quite good really

    anyway, here it is.... be nice



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