Stanley's coming home...

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by CN1, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. coachsig

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    But Fred, that's why we go to hockey games! :D :D :D It's nice and cool in there. :thumb: :thumb: Thousands outside the arena were watching on a BIG projection screen on the side of a building. Tampa has really caught on to the sport and support the Lightin'. Good TV coverage and excellent newspaper coverage.
  2. cobra

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    Now we know how they felt down south when the Jays won the Series '92 & '93 . Who would have imagined the Stanley residing in Tampa ? They played well . Hats off to the Flames for a gutsy performance ....overachievers . I understand they were met by a lot of fans at the airport ...good for them .
  3. Matthyro

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    Hey Shaygets, we Canadians love the game and watch whenever we can. It's so hard to get a seasons ticket for the Toronto Maple Leafs that about the only way to get one now is for the holder to die and hope he wills the tickets to you. We have to watch on TV but we do have an excellent JR league so can go to local games. These kids play good hockey
  4. shaygetz

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    Robin, when I moved down here to sunny Florida, I could not believe the number of ice hockey fans there are down here. There's even a thriving minor league series here with the local team staying at an apartment neighborhood I worked (boy, can those guys party, oy!). I love any kind of junior league sport. Those kids play their guts out :thumb:

    Just havin' a little fun with my Canadian brethren, after all, you guy's did manage to take the World Series Trophy up north with you for awhile :p We'll take good care of ol' Stanley down here much crawfish kin ya boil in this thang, son?!
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    About the only sports I ever played (and ever will play) was a couple of seasons of JR soccer. I was bad to say the least.

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