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    i am about to lay some more track in my yard i havent layd track in a yard yet and was just wodering what is the minimum length there can be between track? what is the prototype space? if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.:wave:
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    Some folks go as tight as 1 3/4" center to center though the accepted practice is 2". Gotta leave room fer them fingers to grab a troublesome truck outta the middle of the yard ;) . Prototype practice is as varied as situations and locales warrant, each road having its own practices and standards. Hope that helps :wave:
  3. 60103

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    For your first yard, the width of a boxcar plus the thickness of your widest finger.
    Or, go with whatever your turnouts produce when you make a ladder with them. If they make it too wide, a short curve after each turnout will bring them closer.
    I'd go 2 inches as a start.
  4. ic&e_modeler

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    Thanks for all your help i was thinking around 2 inches but i wasnt sure whether or not there was a nmra standard for width. Once the track is down the way you want its down for a while and you cant change it.:D :D
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    Here is the spacing I use.That is about 1 1/2" centers.

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