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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by NoxArcanum, May 10, 2012.

  1. NoxArcanum

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    Hi new guy here, a bit about me, always enjoyed working with paper as an art medium, began with origami but recently started papercraft.
    Being a gamer I tend to use video games as my models. I've completed 2 Portal Companion Cubes (first one kinda sucked & conveniently my son got a hold of), Vendetta Mask, a Pokemon for my daughter, a 1-UP mushroom & yesterday I finish Starfox's Arwing for my wife.
    While my designing skill is non-existent, I did fabricate 2 snazzy cellphone holders (built the first one) that turned out quite effective, though I now see I have much to learn about 3d rendering & unfolding. Once I get a better feel for the controls here perhaps I'll post them, they're simple, 3 pages I think.
  2. NoxArcanum

    NoxArcanum New Member

    1st papercraft, a little rough around the edges
  3. NoxArcanum

    NoxArcanum New Member

  4. NoxArcanum

    NoxArcanum New Member

    1st attempt at designing, I haven't built the revision, it's more inclined for better viewing
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    Nice collection. You're going very well for an starter. I can suggest to paint the paper borders with some color matching the surface. That's going to improve a lot your models.

    A couple of questions: Where do you got that portal cube? Is your name related to some old games?

  7. NoxArcanum

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    I'll probably paint seams with future models after I get my techniques down better, gonna try Zathros's seam tip in the meantime. That & when I get paints & such out of storage. For one does not simply walk into Storage...for it is a scary place...

    Here's a link to the cube, this one is one of the better versions & you get several other cubes as a bonus downside is the edge pieces aren't tabbed on the sides, you might want to modify them.

    Portal 2 Storage / Companion Cube Papercrafts

    As for NoxArcanum being associated to games, yes & no, I've used a few variants over the years for screen names, Nox Arcanum being the one I used in Eve Online. Its origins are latin. Nox(Night Shadow etc) Arcanum(Secret Wisdom etc).

    Though I probably subconsciousness drew some inspiration from Arcanum:Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, which I might add was an awesome game...

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