Stalling on Mark 3 turnouts

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by gmbrd, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. gmbrd

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    I am returning to HO railroading after a long hiatus and I have found that things have changed. To upgrade from the old brass, I have gotten Atlas #4 Mark 3 turnouts. To my dismay my 0-6-0 switchers stall at the frog and I can't afford to purchase around 20 snap relays right now. I manually operate my turnouts, is there a way around those snap relays?
    I'd appreciate any help on this one.
  2. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Engines with short wheel bases, like 0-6-0's, are notorious for stalling on turnouts that have the plastic insulated frogs.
    Do you have another longer loco that you could try?
    If the other loco doesn't have the same problem, then you'll know the problem lies with the frog.
    The only real solution I know of, if you want to continue using the steam switcher, is to use turnouts with a live, or "electo" frog, also known as "power-routing" turnouts.
  3. sumpter250

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    Your post seems to be addressing two different items, an 0-6-0 stalling, and operating the turnouts.
    The 0-6-0 stalling on the frog is probably electrical. I say that because Atlas markets an insulated frog turnout, where the frog itself has no power to it. This is no problem with diesels because the "pickup"is spread out on a long wheelbase. An 0-4-0, and an 0-6-0 may not be able to maintain electrical contact as they pass over the frog. The first thing I'd try is to insure that all the driving wheels have a good connection to the motor.
  4. gmbrd

    gmbrd New Member

    I'm sorry folks, I am about as clear as mud. What I meant was, can I electrify the frogs so that the 0-4-0's and 0-6-0's can negotiate them without spending a fortune on Atlas Relay's?
  5. kettlestack

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    gmbrd, You can try painting the parts of the frog which the loco wheels touch with conductive paint. But you must enure that neither the paint, breadth of wheeltread or flanges can cause a short.


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