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Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by wabana kid, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. wabana kid

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    I am handlaying my On30 track, using Mount Albert wood ties. In the past I haved used black and brown shoe polish mixed with rubbing alcohol to get the different colours. This time I am thinking about using a product called MINWAX it comes in a variety of colours. Has anybody used this product for staining wood ties on their layout .? if you have what colours did you settle on.:wave:
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  3. Jim Krause

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    A lot of those narrow gauge ties were never cresoted. Especially on mining railroads and small logging lines. Many ties were nothing more than round tree sections witn two opposite sides flattend. I've been thinking about going the hand laid route with my On30 stuff to make it look more authentic. I've used Minwax on furniture but not any MR stuff.
  4. Canopus

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    For wood I either use white base and a black wash, or faun base and a black wash. White base produces old grey wood, faun base makes brown wood.

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