Stahlhart 1:33 scale Zenith CH 801

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    Introducing my latest release:

    The Zenith CH801 model was created for the charity organization Medicine On the Move, which operates Light aircraft in Ghana, Africa to provide the people in areas that are hard to access on the ground with medical supplies. In Ghana, they are training young African women to build, operate and maintain the very same plane that is depicted in the model.
    The model is in 1:33 scale and features a detailed cabin and an optional detailed engine.

    For more pictures and information, go here:
    stahlhart papercraft

    The model is available from here:
    Medicine On The Move



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    I came very close to building one of these. I even purchased the tail section, but my health caught up with me. This craft they are using is perfect for the job. It can take off in ridiculously short runways (250 ft. I believe), or patches of clear ground and can land in even shorter ones. I personally think this is absolutely awesome. Thanks for the links. I am going going try and scrape up something to donate to them. I love to see people helping themselves like this. Building the plane, learning how to fly it, maintaining it, all locally, super excellent!! :)

    Thanks Chrisstahl!!:)

    This is one heckuuva detailed model!!

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    can some one from the HELL

    nice as always christ
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    His work is incredibly awesome, isn't it? :)

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