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  1. audiowizard1

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    hi all
    i need to work out a way to hide the entrance to staging.
    it is at the front of the layout.
    i was thinking of using a large factory. with the trains running thru it.
    do you think this will work?
    or do you have a better idea?
    thanks for your help.

  2. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Sure that'll work! I've seen it done on a couple of layouts and actually did it myself. Here's a pic. The large Cargill building's extention on the right side creates a tunnel for the mainline to go through to a hidden area. I've masked this by adding a couple of sidings in front of the main that will have covered hoppers as view blocks. The small buildings in front of the main also help disguise the unrealistic entry of main line track into the building.

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  3. brakie

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    Well don't know if trains should run through a factory or not just doesn't seem realistic..My idea would be to run behind it or some other view block such as a retaining wall,flood wall,highway overpass or something along that line.
  4. pomperaugrr

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    How much space do you have around the staging entrance? You could have the train pass under a covered walkway, between two factory buildings, even if one is a flat. The other possibility is to have the track pass below a highway overpass. It will depend upon the space available and the topography of your layout. I've even seen a very narrow stand of trees work very effectively. Just as with the real thing, our view is often obscured by trees. Let us know what you go with. If you post a photo or diagram, that would be helpful too.

  5. audiowizard1

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    hi thanks for the help.

    i will get some pictures up soon.
    the main problem is that the layout is only 1 foot wide.
    you can see where i want to put the staging entrance .
    its at the bottom of the diagram.
    i have it instaled now.
    the factory is 6" wide 30" long and 12" high.
    i'm not sure that i like the way that it looks though.


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  6. questions

    Is the staging a lower level of track, or entirely enclosed in the factory?

    If its a lower level, you might get away with a tunnel exit instead of a factory
  7. pomperaugrr

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