st tng cardassian warships

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  1. i cant find these models anywhere.
    steve wanted to see the spinning nacelles and i cant post the quick time video here. if he wants i can send it to him via email.
    anyone know how to help on this ?
  2. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    I don´t know which cardassian ships with "spinning" nacelles you mean, but you can find the Keldon and the Galor class in the download area!

    aged colored version:

    and original version:

    You can also download these models at!

    And you can also download two models on Paragon´s site (hideki class and Groumall Type):

    Thats all!

    C U
  3. thanks for the links!

    lol, i know the cardassians dont have spinning nacelle effects!
    i finally got my ten posts so i can download those, really good. i like the simplier ones, at least to just get them on the shelf, that k'vorcha had so many parts i was afraid to even look at it.
    thanks again!
  4. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    to the Vorcha: i think, it can´t be not enough parts! See my current work:

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  5. v'orcha plates


    it looks like vaccum form! great job!!!!
  6. great build

    so do you toothpick your glue and use acetate glue and stuff like that?
    i saw someone post pics that used bobby pins to cinch parts together while drying. i couldnt beleive i never thought of that.
    mini vises.
    i need to rebuild my uhu 1701r in stenciled card board , and then label print the model and go over it, the top saucer warbled. and i have to remember to make the cardboard stature a little smaller when i cut them out. i just cant stand the bends and warbles, and i have built enough now that i have to make them look better, like yours do.
    a year ago i could get away with mass builds that looked preschool, but not now.
    i have heard of a a few tips,.reflective tape for windows and in the colored rolls, the engines........and this new paper stuff that is indestructable? i havent got any yet, but i will buy some, maybe today, and then let everyone know what this indestructable waterproof etc.....paper can do.
    i have even printed on plastic for sale sign sheets in thin laytex sheeting,..but the ink ran, and the it creased wrong, and then it didnt glue that was a dead end too.
    but i have made little thick cardboard underships, that works.
    also since i light mine up, i double sheet my cardstock with black underneath the printed sheet, and then glue them, detail the seams, and the cut out the ports , emmiters, ect, what ever is lit, and use wax paper over that or glue it up with clear. wax paper can be folded and show visible lines, as with the 1701 r impulse drive exhaust with a red led behind it in a black light box.
    it looks pretty good.
  7. D-WHALE

    D-WHALE Utopia Planitia Engineer

    Man, sometimes i wish i can more understand english language! Online translators are not very usefull for English to German! And i guess in the other direction is it the same!

    What i can say is that i use superglue based on Cyanacrylat and waterbased white glue! the rest is a secret! :mrgreen:

    Btw: Here are some Pics of the final Super-Vorcha! An other german guy has built this one! He has a own Homepage also with some Trek models and other stuff:


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  8. kvorcha

    you hurt my feelings klingon!
    i could never make aything look that good.
    thats really mf'n cool.
    icant believe it.
    those other ships are cool too. the cardassian base looks like a crab to me, lol.
    like i said, it looks like a plastic model kit. tell me though, how do you avoid warbling and going off track while gluing?
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