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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by jgderuvo, May 19, 2009.

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    My 9 year old announced he wanted to do Star Trek costumes for Halloween, so I've begun the prop process. Planning classic phasers, communicators and tricorders. Any advice or links would be most helpful. Meanwhile, I'll document along the way.
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    If your looking for props from the latest movie. This site has images of them Trek XI (2009)

    For paper models of the Original Series Trek this site has paper models of the Phasers and Communicator.

    Should get you started anyway.

    You will need to resize them a bit for his smaller size. A full size model would look a bit out of place unless he's pretty big?

    The Tricorder shouldn't be to hard to make?
    This site has some great reference shots of the Tricorder

    If he's going to be using it as a 'prop' you may want to make them a bit on the robust side and protect them with a sealant. It's been my experience (Last Halloween adventure was over 30 years ago for me LOL) that it has a greater then 50% chance of rain on that evening.

    I found a page with TOS uniform information.

    Unfortunately the link to store. is broken (once sold the patterns to the uniforms). Could be that Paramount is going banana's again anyway. If you find the origninal Star Trek compendium there are drawings of the uniforms in there. Perhaps if you email the owner of the site I listed he can point you in the right direction.

    Just as a thought if you could find a long sleeve T-Shirt in the right size and color (Size and color as to fit and character).

    Yellow = Command / Navigation
    Blue = Science / Medical
    Red = Engineering / Security

    Of course the coolest of these is Engineering :) There is a special insignia for each of the separate branches of service (on the chest insignia)

    You could make the rest and add that to it. Using an Iron On transfer sheet and some creative graphic work on your part. A pair of longer then needed track pants (need to be able to be tucked into boots) will work for the pants. Boots are next.

    Or if you want to buy one already made.. This site has uniforms in kid sizes

    hope that helps
  3. jgderuvo

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    update 1 - phaser type II

    Okay, here's the bottom part of the Phaser Type II. Notice I have assembled it out of cardboard layers glued together and then I'm using a dremel sander to smooth out the edges.

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  4. cmags

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    Well that certainly looks sturdy enough.. At that point though, you look like you're most of the way to carving the thing from a block of wood. It would certainly have more staying power that way...
  5. Ronson2k3

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    You could also if you wanted use masonite. Cut to the pattern then glued together then sanded smooth. If you don't have large power tools. A drum sander would speed up the process and make the sanding a bit more uniform (dremel has a small drum) there are larger ones out there that aren't to much money.

    I think during the shooting of Star Trek OS they used wood props when in combat so they wouldn't damage the more flashy versions you see in the close ups. Stunt Phasers.

    Interesting using the cardboard though. I wouldn't have thought of that.

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