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    Well folks, I’ll keep this thread running as a way to update ya’ll on the progress of the Saint Joseph, Mexico, and Eastern Railroad. Previously I had posted a picture in the weekend progress thread of my benchwork. That can be viewed here. Now, on with my progress…
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    Mainline completed

    Track gangs on the SJM&E were hard at work this weekend. They finished my entire loop of track. Notice that portions of my layout are on 2” extruded foam and the remainder is on 3/8” OSB. Well, the chip board will be hidden staging eventually. The plan is to place a level of 2” extruded foam over the staging area and model the city of Bacon’s Corner on top. Additionally, you may notice my precarious arch of 3/8” OSB at the foremost corner. This will end up being a curved wood trestle. The SJM&E is on a compressed time frame to begin operations so they can’t wait for the engineering department to finish the design and construction of the trestle.


    All exposed track is Atlas Code 83 and hidden track is Atlas Code 100. Turnouts are all Atlas as follows: mainline turnouts are No. 6, staging turnouts are No. 4, and yard/city turnouts will be No. 4 as well.

    With the main loop completed this means I will now be able to run a few trains… something I’ve been dying to do for quite some time now. From here I’ll finish up the staging yard and probably start some scenery.
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    Well, I've got more progress to report. This was done a week ago or so, just been to busy to get the pictures in. This picture shows my staging yard, though not yet complete:
    Currently I have a short runaround and one stage track built. That line will extend into the foreground as well. That will offer me a stage track in each direction. I have it in my mind to put one more line of stage track between the wall and what is currently built (that'd be about where you can see some flex track just sitting there idly). Since there will be a level over this I'm thinking I should fit as much trackage in there as I can... add now rather than deciding I need it later.

    The portion of the SJM&E that I will be modeling will have mostly short, local trains (mainly freight with some passenger). I may run a longer train through from time to time, but my staging really won't be equipped to handle that, nor will my scenery due to the small/medium size of my layout.
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    Engine Facility

    This is going to be the Bacon's Corner Engine Facility.
    I built this small module back in high school. That Atlas turntable is most likely going to get the treatment shown here... Atlas Turntable Turns More Than Trains. I just like the look of a pit at my turntable more than a deck. I will probably add one more track coming off the turntable. The straight track that is on the far side of the turntable will have an engine house built over it and I dug out between the rails to model an inspection pit.
    The single siding that runs alongside the turntable and associated tracks is the fuel/water/sand engine service track. This module was formerly on my old layout and the curves leading in to the service track and the turntable will most likely get realigned to meet up with the trackage of my new layout.

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