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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Bionic Modeler, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Anyone know where I can get these models? I am interested in both. The Whilhelm Gustloff is listed on several sites but out of stock. I was hoping maybe someone here has one they would like to sell.
  2. ohgodwhy

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    If you find the Wilhelm Gustloff in stock anywhere, please let me know. A maritime disaster bigger than the Titanic? Boggles the mind, doesn't it ?
  3. The losses were far greater than published. The History Channel did a computer simulation and was able to determine that the losses were probably around 10,000 +. Compared to the titanic it was the 9/11 of it's day.

    Yet ask anyone "What was the greatest sea disaster in history?" and most will tell you the "Titanic".

    I guess the fact that it ws a ship full of German's fleeing the invasion of the Russians tucked it away quietly in the books of history. I'm not German, I am human and that alone makes it a great tragedy. With far too little publicity. I think what made the Titanic so noteworthy was becasue it had so many Wealthy passengers aboard.
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    wrong forum bub
  5. Fred Bultman

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    There are no models of the Central America. JSC will likely republish Wihelm Gustloff someday. BTW, there is historical opinion that the death toll for the WG is exaggerated. I have no thoughts either way. Also BTW, the greatest peacetime maritime disater was the Empress of Ireland.
  6. ohgodwhy

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    Pay no attention to StevO, Tim. It's not right that WG was forgotten, and I saw the documentary you're talking about. Unsolved History, right ? Great show. I hadn't heard of the WG 'til I saw it.
  7. So, Stevo---exactly what is your point???
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    Somewhat off topic, but SULTANA was probably greatest boat disaster ever. Note that she was a big freshwater boat, not a ship. It would make a nice model, but I doubt if a comercial publisher would ever do it since it is rather obscure subject.

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