SR2 Normandy Design and Build - continued

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sjsquirrel, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Kool looking forward to it , i was thinking about doing it also of the KEI-9 dog mech but i got others on my to do lists.

    great job by the way daishi on your models i started printing out your SR1 but i haven't got around on building it yet.
  2. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Gotta have it

    I've gotta have one of those in my ship. Please send me the mesh and textures. And that frigate you sent me looks great by the way.

    I'm still working on the unfold and refining the mesh. I've found a number of texture problems, and some intersections I missed. The shape of some of the main engine parts leads to some tricky unfolding. Tricky in the sense of trying to achieve a balance between ease-of-building, and good results.

    It will be another challenge entirely trying to do the instructions.

    Bye for now.
  3. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    It's already sent mate :thumb:.

    i hope you solved it out steve , if you need any help we are all here to help out all the way.:wave:
  4. Johnny Cheung

    Johnny Cheung New Member

    i am looking forward to see the real normandy come true
  5. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I agree, this will be the "real" Normandy coming true! :)
  6. thyrrus

    thyrrus Member

    I am looking forward to this Real Normandy project too (from France :p)
    I just begun making the Kodiak Drop Shuttle to warm me up before going for the SR1 Normandy.
  7. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Thanks Thyrrus. Which SR1 are you planning on building? Mine is from a mesh that someone else made and it's not very accurate. There's another one here - that I believe was done from a game rip so it's as accurate as you can get, but I've never seen a build thread, or any comments on it's construction.

    As for the SR2 work/real life has been interfering with modelling a lot lately. The only good news is that I've cleared up all the other little build projects that were in my way, except for a Concorde I'm building for some people (a paid commission - I still get tickled when I think someone is going to pay me for a model I build).

    Never fear though, the Normandy is still at the top of my list.


  8. thyrrus

    thyrrus Member

    Hi Steve ^^
    The SR1 i'm going to build is hte one made by daishi, i'll create a build thread when i'll start and post picture of the building.
    I'm so waiting for your SR2, and i know real life can be bothersome sometimes ^^. So take your time, the most important part, in everything we make is to enjoy it be it building or developping.

  9. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member


    I've been making good progress with the unfolding. A few minor adjustments to make yet, but it's starting to come together now. In the screen cap below the first row is the left wing and engines unfolded and arranged. The rest is the right wing and engines waiting their turn. When Pepakura did it's automatic unfold all of this was spread over about 70 pages. When all is said and done I'll have it on 12, plus 13 for the main body means we're looking at about 25 pages for the final product.



  10. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    A very clean and impressive layout. You have worked so hard on it, and the clean layout is evidence. A lot of people are sure going to be happy! :thumb:

  11. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    +1 to that :thumb:
  12. thyrrus

    thyrrus Member

    +1 ! impressive job ! keep up the good work and don't forget to relax yourself too ^^
  13. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Another SR2 being built on another forum site

    A member name Romala on this Only paper forum site is having a crack at the SR2, if you check out this forum under Spacecraft you will notice that there were two others trying to design the Normandy SR2 but had fail & no more progress been updated.which was a shame that they did not carry on.

    I'll be checking regularly on his progress & see how it turns out.

    BTW i'm using google translation on this forum site to read there progress.
  14. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Sweet. I must admit I'm surprised no one else has finished one so far. At the rate I progress most models get done by someone else before I even get started. Since I started development on the Normandy several models on my to-do list have been started and finished, including the Valley Forge (thanks to Uhu), the Seaview (Gary Pilsworth), more of the Battlestar Galactica fleet (Revel-Fan) and probably others. It's a good thing too, because just as many have been added to the list. :mrgreen:

  15. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Input request

    Hi gang.

    I need some input/advice. My usual practice is to put fold lines on my models where I think they are really needed, and to leave them out where the fold is pretty obvious. Where I use fold lines I try to color them to blend in so they don't detract from the appearance.

    The Normandy has a lot of less than obvious folds that need to be indicated somehow, but the coloring of the model makes it hard to get them to blend in. There are a few options and I'd like to know which options people prefer.

    1 - publish both a "lines" and "no lines" version - extra work
    2 - publish an unlined version, and a white (untextured) reference version that shows the fold lines - same work as above but the reference is clearer
    3 - use colored lines outside the pattern pieces - way more work and not all fold lines can be properly indicated this way.
    4 - indicate the fold lines in the instructions document
    5 - any other method I haven't though of yet

    What do people think?

    The unfolding is nearly done - just some cleanup and double checks to do, then I'm ready to start the alpha build.



  16. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I wold say make a fold line/unfold line version. Then, any who are still not satisfied, you can have send you their emails addresses and then you can make the make the model for them! :)

    Obviously, I am being facetious, I think the lined/unlined version would work well. I just don't see how anyone could legitimately complaint after that?

    It looks superb. Much hard work put into it, and it shows!! :)
  17. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Defently No: 1 - publish both a "lines" and "no lines" version - extra work. It's much easy for people out there to chose either which one to print out of there choice.

    As for me now i don't need any lines as i'm getting more experience in paper modeling each time i build.:mrgreen:
  18. Jackrum

    Jackrum Member

    That's a toughie... I think the arrows outside the plan would be the best solution but, as you say, it's a metric ton of extra work. Maybe you could include a smaller, lined version of each sheet which would only be used as a guide for the unlined build? Like how Ninjatoes did with his king of the red lions model.
  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    If you did a version with no lines, you would just have to open the file in Pepakura to see where the fold lines are. It would be like instructions. You could even make the fold lines incredibly thick. :)
  20. thyrrus

    thyrrus Member

    In My opinion No 1 also ^^ "publish both a "lines" and "no lines" version - extra work"
    Althought i know it means extra work for you, and you already done a hell lot of it ^^

    Anyway that looks awesome ! I can't wait to see the finished version and get my busy hands on it ! hehe

    Btw, it's not related but i've printed 1/3 of the giant Optimus Papercraft you can found at (72 sheets out of 261 hohoho). Now i just need the courage to start it ^^ lol.

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