SR2 Normandy Design and Build - continued

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sjsquirrel, Jul 19, 2011.

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    woo hoo!!

    Awesome news - cant wait to see the pics
  2. Spartacus

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    Really looking forward to seeing this one.
  3. pokemoz

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    I'm really looking forward to this model. I tried the old 3-feet-version but it's not possible without inner structure. Did anyone else tried the old 3-feet-variant and succeeded?
  4. Mathius_gamgee

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    So looking forward to seeing this finished!!
  5. sjsquirrel

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    I'm not aware of the model you refer to. Got a link?

    In the meantime, and after much delay here are some pics for all of you.

    We begin the wing and engine assembly with some framework

    Then we add some skin to form the base of the 'wing'


    And then a whole bunch of stuff I forgot to take pictures of happens and we end up with two
    sub-assemblies ready to join up


    Here I'm adding detailing bits to the central portion of the engine assembly.
    This is the part shown at right in the picture above


    Now we have a good part of the wing and first engine done
    The central portion of the engine is reinforced with simple boxes inside.


    The front piece is made to be moveable, but in my first build it
    didn't hold position by itself.


    This was easily corrected by glueing some pieces of cardstock in the gap
    between the front piece and the main body of the wing. I built up the thickness of the
    material until the front piece held position firmly, then colored it black before gluing it into position.
    The fix is invisible.


    Now on to the remainder of the engine body.
    In the next picture the piece on the left that's cut out is a small section
    that connects a bunch of other pieces. It contains two recessed areas on the sides.


    The two litte pieces here are the recesses. These get glued inside
    the main piece shown at right.


    I'm not sure how well this picture shows it, but this is a rear view of the two recesses glued
    inside the main piece.


    The completed connector piece is on the right here, with the parts the form the
    'arms' that will be glued into the recesses. Note that none of these parts are very big.

    Now we have those three parts completed, along with the base of the engine outlet section.


    And then all of those pieces glued into place.


    Now we add some detail layers to the engine outlet. The larger rectangle with the gray and black
    lines on it gets glued on top, then the long strip wraps around the outlet body.
    The smaller black rectangle piece is actually four layers of stock, with a slight step around the perimeter.
    Again the pieces are small, but it's great detail.


    This trim piece around the engine outlet consists of two pieces glued back to back.
    These are then shaped and edge-glued onto the engine.


    Now we start adding all the detailing on top of the engine assembly.


    The five parts shown above were a little tricky to install on their own.
    I ended up gluing them to a piece of cardstock underneath, as well as to each other. This helped
    keep everything in proper position, and then the whole assembly could just be glued onto
    the engine.


    In the picture below the 'new' part is made from 5 pattern pieces.
    The central core of it has a small recessed box glued in the front, then two layers
    of skin are added, and finally the detailing at the rear of the piece.
    This assembly is the glued in position on top of the previous assembly.


    Below is where we are so far.


    And below is what we have left to add.


    There are two of these arms to be assembled. They consist of a central core
    with two layers of skin wrapped around them. This gives more depth and detail to the pieces.
    I could have just gone for simple boxes, but that's just not my style.


    The tiny detail bits shown below could easily be left
    out and almost no one would notice. They are a simplification of
    what was a much more interesting shape in the original 3D model,
    but at this size the simplified version is enough.
    The image below shows a completed "stack" above the pattern pieces
    for the other stack. Being black they are hard to photograph and
    the pictures probably don't show the finished product well,
    but that's the way it goes.


    The next two pictures show the two completed arms in place,
    with the detailing bits added. These actually serve as good guides
    for positioning the next pieces.


    In the next image, these pieces are built up from a total
    of 5 layers of cardstock. The black piece at left is two layers.
    The white piece (it's actually black underneath) is 3 layers.
    The black piece is then glued onto the white piece, the ends
    trimmed smooth, and the edges colored, then they are glued into place.


    And, at long last, it's done. All in all it's turned out as well as I hoped it would. With a few adjustments the final product will be even better.

    I've been adjusting the pieces and enhancing the layout
    as I go, so things are moving along. There's still a lot of work
    to do for instructions and all, but I only have one engine left to build.

    At that point all the major parts will have been test built at least once, and that
    means the model is getting closer and closer all the time.

    Enjoy the pics,

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  6. ThunderChild

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    The most awesomest of details on a beautiful model, thanks for a spectacular update SJS!
  7. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    This is coming together BEAUTIFULLY!!!
    Thank you for the update. It is well worth the wait.
  8. mcusanelli

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    Unbelievable! This is going to be an amazing model....And really big, too! I can't wait to see this all together SJ, beautiful work, sir :)
  9. dnalor

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    And i think it's a great scale...

    i'm watching this :)
  10. Spartacus

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    The Normandy SR1 was stated at 160m.

    The size of the Normandy SR2 is debatable. The exact length is not stated by Bioware. The Codex says it is twice the size of the SR1, but does that mean length or mass? Assuming mass (and assuming the SR1 and SR2 are similarly dense) it makes the SR2 around 200m. Someone also noticed an outside shot of Joker at the airlock. By that they guestimated the airlock door to be 2m wide putting the ship at, again, around 200m. A bit over IIRC.

    I believe the ME3 SR2 Alliance was just a refit of the ME2 SR2 Cerberus.

    So at 24 inches (60 cm) this makes this model around 1:333 scale.

    (Also it should be noted the Normandy is also a TARDIS, it is clearly much larger on the inside than it could possibly be from the outside at the stated Bioware dimensions)

    - - -

    EDIT: should have said, as my first contribution to this thread, this model is looking absolutely AWESOME
  11. ThunderChild

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    Yes, the Cerberus SR-2 and Alliance SR-2 is basically the same ship. After Sheppard handed it over the Alliance made a few internal changes, updated equipment etc, but the outside just got a new paint job.

    I lifted this pic from, its a guesstimate regarding the size difference between the SR-1 and SR-2.

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  12. Revell-Fan

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    Now THAT'S an update! Holy crap, the ship is gorgeous! Steve, you are incredible!!!
  13. sjsquirrel

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    Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I really would like to wrap this project up since I have so many others I want to do. The layout and markup, and instructions will be the next big challenge.


  14. ShadowHawk141

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    You mean that this model is going to be available for download ? :eek:

    Wow !!!

    I realy need to retire early because my lifetime won't be long enough to make all these incredible models that are designed here.

    This Normandy is becoming absolutely fantastic. The detail is beautifull !!

    My deepest respect.

  15. Mathius_gamgee

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    I think I may have just had a nerdgasm!!! I never expected to see so much detail in the wing sections! Oh my god Steve you are a living legend! I cannot wait to "attempt this at home"!
  16. sjsquirrel

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    Absolutely. I have a few in mind I'd like to be able to sell, but generally all of my models are available for download.

    I hear you! My current to-build-list is sitting at 173 models, of which I've completed 17, 33 I've marked as first priority, and 21 as second priority. Not that I really pay that much attention. I usually just go for whatever tickles me at the time I select my next build project. And that's just the to-build list. My development list is equally impossible to fit into the remainder of this lifetime.

    And my humble thanks. I'm very pleased with how it's turning out as well.

    Thanks Mathius. Living legend might be stretching it a bit, but it's much appreciated. I take ages to get a development done, and I like detail, so I make it to satisfy myself, and hope others find it worth waiting for.


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  18. ShadowHawk141

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    Thanks Steve for your reply, this is realy going to be awesome.

    I loved the games (besides the ending of ME-3) and the Normandy has become an icon in the Mass Effect world.

    My buildlist is growing by the week, so many fantastic models being made and I still make some new finds on the internet once in a while. I don;t even know how many I wanna build, when I browse thrue my folders onmy HDD I go "ooh that one and that one, naah that one first" aargh.

    Just wait for the one Steve is making, it's gonna be a treat !!!

  19. pokemoz

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    For sure it will be a great model. I think I also have to learn to build internal reinforcements by myself. I did not tried before but think at some models it would be very helpful.
  20. Arbiter Bri

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    looks really good, are you by any chance selling one of these? my freind is a huge ME fan, and his birthday is coming up.

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