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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by melvin008, Jul 3, 2010.

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  1. melvin008

    melvin008 New Member

    I was very glad to see that another Zealot Hobby member has gone through the trouble to create a SSV Normandy paper model from the original Mass Effect. I’ve been looking and haven’t seen a model for the SR-2 Normandy from Mass Effect 2. I have seen it requested in the SSV Normandy thread and thought I’d take a shot. I’ve tracked down a cad model with textures and have begun to tear it down. This is where I am at this time. It is nearly there I think. The remaining work is to deal with all of the small surfaces left over. I can post the current .pdo now if anyone wants it. I will post the final .pdo once complete along with .pdf.
  2. melvin008

    melvin008 New Member

    Progress Pic

    Here is a progress picture taken from Pepakura

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  3. Daikhovalin

    Daikhovalin New Member

    Nice work! Looks big and detailed. Can't wait to build it!


    SEBRET Member

    Looks great so far.
  5. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    THAT is going to be an awesome model. Keep us posted, please!
  6. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member


    WOW! Thanks Melvin. That's another thing I can take off my to do list. There have been several requests for the SR2, so I'll post a note in the other thread directing people here.


  7. devox

    devox New Member

    looks quite detailed at this stage, cheers!
  8. JanoNath

    JanoNath New Member

    Watching this thread closely.
  9. Altair

    Altair New Member

    Looks promising, really detailed! keeping my eye on this as well:)
  10. DarkAntzMK-II

    DarkAntzMK-II Member

    indeed, the Normandy II would be wonderful hanging over my desk at work
  11. blaar

    blaar Member

    Looks awesome, and yeah, very detailed.

    Please post the PDO when you are done. I for one prefer the PDO above PDF.
  12. Vger1981

    Vger1981 Member

    Ok SJ, you are fired haha! Even if you want to create one with interior... :twisted:
  13. melvin008

    melvin008 New Member

    First Unfold Attempt

    I see that there is deff some interest in this model. Very good to see some fellow ME2 fans. Sadly between work/life and a Dead Space build i'm doing I haven't been able to polish Normandy 2 up. I thought i'd put this out for now. I think that the model is a good size and more than adequate for test building and those more die hard paper peeps. I'm going to test build it myself as soon as i get some time.

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  14. Daikhovalin

    Daikhovalin New Member

    Wow, melvin008... Just, wow.
    +1 to build queue.
    +1000 cool points to melvin008.

  15. blaar

    blaar Member

    Quickly looking at the PDO I can see there are some serious difficult parts to build if not imposable, still some work to be done but thanks for the PDO.
  16. Tirick

    Tirick Member

    That is an amazing model; technically very accurate. I wonder if it was a resource pull from the game model.

    I'd love to rearrange some of those panels, but it was saved in v3; I only have a v2 license (for now) so this'll have to be shelved for the moment.

    This is a beauty ship; I like the lines of it a little better than the SR1 (although it was sad to see the SR1 scattered across a frozen landscape).

    Thank you for sharing!
  17. the_flying_dragon

    the_flying_dragon New Member

    Mate, I love your work! The Normandy SR-2 is one of my absolute favourite ships, and you've done it justice!
  18. F131

    F131 Member

    Looks like this is my next build.
  19. F131

    F131 Member

    I've never printed out anything with this type of viewer before....will it print out individual pages? Thanks.
  20. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    You bet

    Yes, it will print individual pages. Keep in mind though that this is kind of a beta release so there are likely to be some problems with it. If you build it please post any and all comments you have, or start a build thread.

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