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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bennymang, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Hello everyone, this is a great sight! I have just inherited a great train set from my Grandfather and have a few questions. I have never worked with a set before but am anxious to start. My basement is kind of a sports theme and I would like to incorporate the train into it some how. My idea is to build the track around my bubble table hockey game so that both are fully functional. Has anyone had any experience with that and is it practical? (pictures would be great for ideas)

    Thanks..:thumb: :thumb:
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    that would be interestng....what scale do you have? I think an around the wall would be best...especailly for O or larger...

    if you haave ho or N....hmm N might work well for something in a coffee table. HO is too big for that, and too small for around the wall. on second thought, HO might be cool for something along the wall or around a bar....

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    Welcome to The Gauge!

    I would think that you'd be hard pressed to get the corners tight enough to run the trains around the hockey table. In HO, the minimum recommended radius is 18" or so. You won't be able to tuck the track in close enough to the table, especially at the ends where the players stand. You are probably better off with the wall options as noted above by Kevin. (Although HO around the wall will work OK).

  4. bennymang

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    thanks for the is an HO and the plan was to inset the hockey table inside the main platform(plywood), raising the track where the control sticks are for the hockey game. So I would have the game set in the middle of the plywood and on one side have the train coming in from the mountains and the other side a drop of area for people to go to the game. then as the track goes back into the mountains it is elevated over the hockey controls so that you are still able to play hockey. Does that make sense? and is that a little to complicated for a rookie?

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