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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by dhanners, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. dhanners

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    Since my wife and I went to Minnesota's North Shore -- including Split Rock -- for our honeymoon last year, I figured this year for our first anniversary (which is "paper," after all) I'd build her a card model of the Split Rock Lighthouse. Fortunately, Fiddlers Green offers one, so I bought it and built it. This is my first architecture model, and it went together pretty easily, I thought. The only change I made to the model was to replace the railing -- which is replicated in the model with a solid piece -- with a railing made of thin strips of black cardstock.

    When the model was done, I glued it to a slice of wood I got from Michael's. (I couldn't find an appropriate rock, and Northern Minnesota is big timber country anyway.)

    We went up there again this past weekend and I took some more photos of the lighthouse, noticing some areas of the model I could improve upon and even super-detail. I mentioned these to my wife and she said the model was just fine as it was.

    Although I could build another one....

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  2. redhorse

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    That's cool! You did a really good job. Used to live in the Twin Cities and the North Shore made for a lot of quick vacations - absolutely beautiful up there.
  3. mauther

    mauther Active Member

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  4. cjwalas

    cjwalas Member

    Built the same model, but yours looks better!
  5. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Thanks for the kind words. Building lighthouses is kinda fun....
  6. Nice job. Another method on the railings and the top of the lighthous (windos) is to print it on Overhead projection film. Then youpreserve the detail and get a great effet too. I have built several of Green's lighthouses using this techniques. That way you can also install the prism. I thought of installing an LED as well.
  7. Padre

    Padre Guest

    Thats a nice stand too!! Good idea.
  8. ralph.williams

    ralph.williams New Member

    Great work on the Lighthouse. This is the project that I have been working on ,mostly off, for the last month. I used Future floor finish on the "glass" area to give it a gloss or glass look. The top of the work shed was sprayed with flat black paint at a distance of 2 feet to simulate the textured surface of a tar roof. The structure was sprayed with flat clear. I then used future finish to add gloss to the windows of the LH. Lots of detail can be added to this model.

    Thanks for showing.
  9. Thomas Meek

    Thomas Meek New Member

    That's a nice clean build and thanks for the tips about Future wax. I plan to get some and play with it soon.
    By the way, there is another model of the Split Rock Lighthouse designed by Matt Bergstrom at Wurlington Brothers Press in Chicago and offered as a free download at this site: http://www.buildyourownchicago.com along with some other delightful models for sale and for download.
  10. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    That's a cool site. I may have to build my own Chicago....

    I was thinking of giving the Split Rock Lighthouse another try, using clear plastic for the glass on the beacon section, and maybe finding some Dollar Store piece of jewelry that would vaguely resemble the prism. Truth is, though, I've got too many projects sitting on my desk. Oh well. Someday.... (sigh)

    RG WILLIAMS New Member

    Thanks for the information on buildyourownchicago,com. The WTC looks like an interesting build. FG Split Rock LH looks more detailed perhaps.
    Have you looked at the very nice free offerings from Ralph Currell. Ralph Currell Card Models. Also look at www.ss42.com click on Paper Models at the left top corner of the page. You will find different catagories for models , all free. Some of the models are very complex builds, many are medium skill level. Thanks again for the information.
  12. Ralph, Pictures tell a thousand words. Let's see your project. We are all very "Visual" around here. Your work sound interesting. I would lke to try this Future floor wax. I suppose any acrylic floor wax would do. Future doesn't seem to be available in stores around here.

    RG WILLIAMS New Member

    Pictures do tell at least a thousand words. At this time I have no Digital Camera and if I had one I wouldn't know the process for posting.
    I have various card models of different subjects . Most of the models mix various media to obtain a non-paper look , just as Fine Scale Modelers use different techniques on plastic models for a non-plastic look.
    As soon as I acquire the equipment and skill to post ,I'll show you some interesting "Paper Models".
    Best Regards,
  14. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    If you get a half-way decent digital camera, RG, it's not too tough to post photos. Trust me, if I can figure out how to do it, anyone can. When it comes to computers, I'm as dense as they come. Posting photos is relatively easy once you've done it a couple of times to get the hang of it.
  15. exzealot

    exzealot Member


    What a great idea! Do yourself a big favor though.... DO NOT rebuild this. Women are funny when it comes to sentimental stuff. The first lighthouse that you did has meaning to her no matter how many details may be missing. I'm sure you already know this, but I needed to mention this just in case. sign1

  16. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Yeah, my suggestion that I "rebuild" the lighthouse did not go over well; I suppose it is one of those instances where the modeler's desire to correct inaccuracies runs smack-dab into the modeler's desire to stay married.... I was informed the model was just fine as it was.

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