Spitfire Mk. Vb - Maly Modelarz

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Dragos, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

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  2. János1962

    János1962 Member

    Excellent work! i like this airplane.
  3. Dragos

    Dragos Active Member

  4. Gerald43

    Gerald43 Member

    I would also like to be able to build as good as you

    Super built!
  5. fernworthy

    fernworthy New Member

    Very nice!
  6. mickey5hins

    mickey5hins New Member

    beautiful model
  7. DWest

    DWest Member

    This really is a beautiful model, awesome building job
  8. BigBadgers2001

    BigBadgers2001 New Member

    Very nice job.
  9. Ivelin

    Ivelin New Member

    WAO, and this you make out of paper! Great work!
  10. imkool

    imkool New Member

  11. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Very nice indeed - you did her proud :thumb:
  12. madchuck

    madchuck New Member

    Nice work !
  13. Chris Knowlton

    Chris Knowlton New Member


    Really nice looking. That is a beautiful piece of work.

  14. ronin175

    ronin175 New Member


    nice one
  15. ronin175

    ronin175 New Member

  16. beejay7

    beejay7 New Member

    extremely good build..need to get to work on mine....
  17. Shin_kazama

    Shin_kazama Member

    [Insert Battle of Britain Theme]


    Come on biggles!!
  18. anthony344

    anthony344 Member

    Great Job on building that great War Bird. I love those Spitfire , i built two of C/L Spitfire from aero-flyte from scratch & now i am building a R/C version to fly. They are total wing span is 36" on all spitfire from aero-flyte.

  19. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Man that is one of the cleanest, unpretentious, Spitfires I have ever seen! Well done!!
  20. hubo19

    hubo19 New Member

    very good job

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