Spitfire Mk V Merlin Rolls Royce Engine

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by mldixon, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. mldixon

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    Here are some pics of the props attached. Next up will be the cage around the eninge for the fairings and sheet metal

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  2. cmdr199212

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    wow! That looks even better! keep it up!
  3. gregh

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    I wish i had your patience and the time. This is a super build, can't wait to show the Grandsons.
  4. Alcides

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    Very impressive work. It's going to be an exhibition level model.
  5. consistseeker

    consistseeker New Member

    absolutely brilliant. Haven't seen anything to compare it to in plastic or paper.
  6. milenio3

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  7. cgutzmer

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    This is one top notch model! Thanks for sharing it with us :) I cant wait to see some of your other work along with the continuation of this one!
  8. mldixon

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    Framework for engine cowlings

    These parts were pretty pesky, can't say that I enjoyed this part too much.

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  9. BManHere

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    Fantastic! Amazing what you can do with paper.
  10. Ron Hall

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    This is some of the greatest detail work I've ever seen in
    any modeling medium. Ron
  11. mldixon

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    I am continuing on the build but have now started on a 1:16 version of this same model. I am basing the build on the Kartonowy Spitfire Vb version and am kit bashing it to add the Merlin engine to the front end. Working on the cockpit right now.
  12. Ron Hall

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    I have a 1:33 scale Mosquito. Do you think this Merlin engine would work in
    it? I'm not sure of the different models of Merlin Engines between the Spitfire and
    Mosquito. I guess it wouldn't matter unless you are a purest. Ron
  13. mldixon

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    It was a variant of this engine so I think that it would fit with no problems. You can google the engine and look at the pictures and make the necessary cosmetic changes to make this more authentic

    Spitfire Vb Merlin Engine
    Merlin II or III
    1,030 hp (775 kW) at 3,000 rpm at 5,500 ft (1,680 m) using + 6 psi boost (41 kPa gauge; or an absolute pressure of 144 kPa or 1.41 atm); Merlin III fitted with "universal" propeller shaft able to mount either de Havilland or Rotol propellers

    Mosquito Merlin Engine Powerplant: 2× Rolls-Royce Merlin 76/77 (left/right) liquid-cooled V12 engine, 1,710 hp (1,280 kW) each

    Merlin 76/77
    1,233 hp (920 kW); used in the Westland Welkin high-altitude fighter and some later Spitfire and Mosquito variants. Fitted with a two-speed, two-stage supercharger and a Bendix-Stromberg carburettor. The odd-numbered mark drove a blower for pressurising the cockpit.
  14. Ron Hall

    Ron Hall New Member

    Thanks for the info. I'll Google it for clarifications. I plan on scaling
    the Engine up to 1:12 as you did. I assume you had to use A3 paper
    for the printout. Ron
  15. cgutzmer

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    ooohhhhh hey!
    I am getting ready to build a p-51b mustang..... do you suppose I could drop this engine in there for some excellent details? Not sure how much it differs - I am not too hot at that stuff ;) I was able to find it used a Rolls Royce Merlin engine :D

    I should note I am building two of them concurrently, on in standard card, one in red river silver :)
  16. Bomarc

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    If you're strictly worried about accuracy, then the short answer is no. The Merlin 45 was equipped with a single stage (one impeller) super charger. P-51B's (and C's) were equipped with U.S. (Packard) built V-1650-3 Merlins, which were equivalent to a Merlin 68 having a two stage (two impellers) super charger.* There are visible differences between the two. But that being said, the differences aren't so extreme that you couldn't do as you propose with success. However, the engine suspension structure of the two planes are very different (tubular in the Spit versus box beam in a Mustang), and would require some scratch building for the Mustang installation to look correct.


    * Later blocks of both B/C versions, as well as the bubble canopy D model, received V-1650-7 engines, equivalent to the Merlin 69.
  17. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Thanks! I am building the lambie II - I will have a build thread here once I get going.... I got lots of prep to do though.... maybe time for a new thread but I want this one to get some more publicity cause its such a great build! :)

    I am not that worried about suspension cause only the top 2/3 will be really visible but if I could get some pics or something of the changes that are CLEARLY different I would be willing to TRY and change them. My abilities there are a bit limited :)
  18. mldixon

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    Mosquito Engine Pic

    Here is a picture I found of the mosquito Merlin. It looks like the frame work is tublar and very similar to the one in the spitfire.

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  19. mldixon

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  20. cgutzmer

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    Thanks! Will check it out :)

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