Spitfire Mk V Merlin Rolls Royce Engine

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by mldixon, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    This is Alin Osarik's magnificent Merlin 45, I have built it in 1:12 scale up from the original 1:33, I am not finished yet. I am going to build a cutaway of the cockpit and wing only trying to show the browning guns and 20 mm cannon detail. Will post additional images as I proceed.

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  2. david lake

    david lake Member

    What a marvelous piece of model making - i wish i had your skill. How long has it taken for you to make these ?
  3. mldixon

    mldixon Member


    Well to date I have about 3 days in the build. I full day on the frame work,and about 2 more days on the engine. The card has no tabs so a little extra time went into figuring out how best to glue the pieces.
  4. david lake

    david lake Member

    You can see that you have put in a lot of time and effort into them with the outstanding workmanship
  5. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Very nice work. My 1/16.5 Merlin will be in FineScale Modeler Magazine sometime in the future. They have accepted my article but haven't told me when it will be published.
    I'd like to do Alin's Me-109 engine, and I think 1/12 sounds like a good scale to work in.

    I'll be watching for more photos here.
  6. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Your why I built this

    I saw your work David and as I went through the thread I got interested in this. I did want to replay it exactly though which is why I am going for the cutaway. Spitfire body about halfway there and will try to post pictures soon. By the way I think it is great news about FineScale Modeling. Your work truly deserves to be there. And 1:12 scale was chosen because I am baklighting all the dash dials with led lights and that gave me extra room to work.
  7. Maico Shark

    Maico Shark Guest

    Great build ! Looking forward to the next installment.
  8. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Lighted Dash

    Here are some Pics of the LED lighted dash. The LED came from Home Depot. It was a hard helmet clip on light $4. Tore it appart and gluded it behind the dash. The dash was printed three times. One was on the back thin paper. Laminated glass to this with spray glue. Second one had all dials cut out with Blade Runner Cutter and circle template. Spray mounted on top of glass. Third one was used to align holes for cutouts to allow light to pass through back wall of dash. Blacked out all other areas to prevent light leak into other areas. I like the effect.

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  9. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Progress Overall

    Here is a shot with the scaled parts lined up. Not yet ready to assemble.

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  10. scon10

    scon10 Member

    This is amazing quality!! The LED effect is awesome, especially the way you can see the dials.
    Also, I lke the body parts with the rivets. Wish I had that level...
  11. mldixon

    mldixon Member


    I downloaded this Model of the Spitfie by following the threads of an amazing builder of Paper Models, that would be Leif Ohlsson of the Netherlands. He is far more accurate with his work than my own. Andrew Inwald I think is the Author of the Spitfire. I just like to take these different Models and meld them into new and interesting pieces. Without designers we would be at a serious loss for things to do. A few posts up is Sakrison who did the engine on a stand that was also a brilliant piece of work. Glad you like the work I consider that a great honor.

  12. david lake

    david lake Member

    Hello. I must say that your model of the Spitfire is absolutely marvelous at this stage and i will come back here to your Forum/thread. I'm still new to this and i am sorry that i don't know your name. I am David {David Lake} and i am looking around at lots of very good models the fellows here have made. I am going to be making my own soon in my Forum/thread GERRY ANDERSON - DAVID LAKE. Back to you.
  13. gregh

    gregh Member

    Just fantastic !!!!!, my grandsons are going to love it.
  14. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Wings to Fuselage

    This is the wing frame to Fuselage connection. I have routed the wires to go to the batteries which I plan to store in the wheel well. The joining of the engine structure to the wings took a bit of creative cutting as they were not designed to go together, but as long as you stay true to the scale in printing all will come together. On to the skinning of the wings and the decisions for the cutaway of the guns.

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  15. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Wing Skins

    Here are the wing skins ready for the cutaway. I have clipped them at the tips because I do not intend to show the whole plane. The last picture is of the paper dog, he stands ever ready to haul away the small parts I drop on the floor, many parts made twice.

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  16. mldixon

    mldixon Member

    Mounted on Stand

    I have mounted the Spitfire on a wooden slat which is cut into the underside of the wing. This is the attached to a base. I am adding detail to the engine at this point. Still deciding on the best way to show the cutaway of the wing for the guns. Body assembled and wings attached to fuselage. Engine mounted and glued in.

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  17. Retired_for_now

    Retired_for_now New Guy

    Absolutely stunning!

    Yogi (stunned!)
  18. stephen.irl

    stephen.irl Member

    What a brilliant looking model. It’s a work of art exactly the way it is. The detail is incredible. Can’t wait to see the final product. I have a spitfire (just a simple one) on my to-do list. I can't wait to start mine after looking at yours. Great plane
  19. mldixon

    mldixon Member


    Yogi I am stunned that you are stunned. But thanks for the compliment.
  20. KEN100

    KEN100 New Member

    Incredible work.....

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