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Discussion in 'First Impressions Kit Reviews' started by Leif Oh, Dec 15, 2004.

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    That one ought to be particularly interesting to you, Gil - not only are "most parts pre-cut", but it also has a "realistic look due to pressed parts"!

    Which means that somehow a slight preforming must have been going on. Interesting, right?

    And it has a nice scale & size.

    Downside, of course, is that there's not much hope of scannig it successfully (slightly 3D-parts), so you've got to get it right the first time.

  3. Gil

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    I'm not sure of where the manufacturer is going with this ..., Might be this is an attempt to simplify the building process in an effort to promote increased sales. But if it makes a good looking model AND can be assembled by a novice then I'll be impressed. At $6.95 U.S. it's worth ordering just to find out..., besides the Bearcat is beginning to attract my easily divided attention...,

  4. Swinger

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    There was a discussion about this model here. There are some scans, too. No-one there has been building this model, but "in-box" opinions weren't very enthusiastic, for example:
    - there's no cockpit
    - the model is too simple as for 1:25
    - the edges of the cut parts are ragged and not always cover the outlines
  5. Gil

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    Swinger, thanks for the comments..., it confirmed my suspicions. Too bad to have spent all that effort and miss the sweet spot of the market...,

  6. Leif Oh

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    Rafael from this site, in a different thread, posted a link on a recent, very detailed build of the Halinski Spitfire. I think it merits duplicating here, to keep information on the subject in one place: http://www.konradus.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=69295&t=69295

    Now, this is a fabulous build, something to strive towards. Two examples:



    The trouble is, of course, that eventually all these magnificent details, and all this stupendous work, is going to be hidden under a beautiful, but nevertheless very much non-transparent, fuselage skin:


    Here's yet another example of the need for developing proper cut-away section techniques to display the ever more detailed interiors coming out from manufacturers in a way that makes them justice.

  7. yaniv

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    your work look perfect as alwes

    can u place make a articl how u make the panels of the pilot? ther looks reale g8
  8. Leif Oh

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    No, no, no, Yaniv - this is a reposting of a link in the thread you just started on instrument panels. Entirely my fault, though, since I failed to supply the proper reference: The master at work here is the Polish signature "laszlik" - see the link already supplied: http://www.konradus.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=69295&t=69295

    As for techniques, I doubt that there is a manual for accomplishing a masterpiece like the one above - short of what we already do on this site, and others. We all strive to pick up new bits and pieces, and most of us publish them as we learn, not least for the pleasure of sharing the joy of having mastered what others have taught us by their example.

    We'll all just have to keep following each others work, and share our own, bit by bit.

  9. bfam4t6

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    Thank you for sharing this Leif. Laszik has surely mastered the skills of detail and precision.
  10. Gil

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    Little wonder why no one, absolutely no one can top this. Thanks for bringing this to the attention of all..., The ventral nose piece does show signs of unseemly seams. Aluminum Foil Paper treatment might be the fix...,

    Best regards, Gil
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    Hi everybody!
    "laszlik" it's me.
    Here I'm using another nick, "Laszlo" as above...
    If You don't believe, pls. ask Swinger. He knows me.
    By the way, I have found this topic (somebody from polish forum told me), so if You want to know details about building, I will answer for Your questions.
    I can also transfer other photos here if only You want to.
    Best regards!
  12. Leif Oh

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    Dear Laszlo,

    as you can see for yourself, there is a great interest in, and admiration for work of your calibre. I know that anything you might want to share, particularly in describing techniques that you find interesting yourself, would be most eagerly studied on this site!

    In other words, feel absolutely free, and most welcome!

    On behalf of the rest of the guys here, I'm sure


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