SPI's FW Ta-183 in 1/33

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by jrts, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. jrts

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    Hi all

    Started this build a few weeks ago and had to scrap it.

    Had to buy a new printer and when I printed the last of the parts the tones made it look like two aircraft :roll:

    So this is the stage the rebuild is at now.

    The cockpit has an outer and an inner skin and is quite tricky to glue together, you will need some clamps for this for shure.

    The yellow arrow shows a bit of the inner skin that forms part of the cockpit wall.

    For the few Euro's Joseph is asking for this model, it does have a lot of good detail in the kit.
    Full cockpit, wheels and bomb bay with and good pay load (more of that later)

  2. jrts

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    If you take your time with this model you will get much better results than this.
    Remember when you do this section to glue some weight into the nose otherwise it will sit on its bum.

    When you build the wing spar you will have to turn the second one over and draw the score lines on it, they are not mirrored in the kit although there are two of them. Basicly if you have the number shown on top on one spar and underneath on the other you have it right.

    More later

  3. cmdrted

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    Rob, this looks good even with "rushing it", thanks for the heads up, This is another on the todo list. ted
  4. jrts

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    Hi all

    Added some more bits tonight.
    The second wing and part of the tail section, its starting to look more like the finished plane now.


    Its well worth adding to the build list, near the top!!

    More tomorrow


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