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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by jamie s, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. jamie s

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    i'm in the process of making a white card model and am having a great deal of trouble producing a neat spiral stair.

    i'm happy for the outcome to be quite abstract - i don't wish to model each step - but can't work out a good method of producing even a solid balustrade.

    any advice?

    thanks in advance
  2. Three pieces and a base
  3. jamie s

    jamie s New Member

    thanks Masamune_Washington,
    however i think i might of been a little light on in terms of details.
    i know how to draw a spiral stair (2d and 3d) i'm just grappling with the challenge of producing a physical model from card. basically - how would you produce a meter high (at 1:200) ballustrade for the illustrated stair from, preferably, one piece of card.
  4. This all takes me back. I designed a paper model of a spiral staircase in highschool drafting class, I'm just remembering and reproducing those results.
    In fact, I had it worked down to three pieces per rotation, like this:
    Another turn with the sliderule and I could make the railing C-channels, and I had integrated gussets to the stairsides.
  5. Maurice

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    A solid balustrade for a spiral staircase is simply a long parallel sided strip with the ends cut off at an angle to match with the rise of the stairs. In your case the edge of the end cutoff will be a meter long and the width of the strip will be less.


    Ooops sorry Masamune, shouldn't have butted in.

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