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  1. zathros

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    Roonaldo is building a SPINLER F1 and I found the site today. Using my Gmail account, a valid email account, I entered it, and was instantly allowed to download the whole kit'n kaboodle. These are awesome F1 models. The detail is awesome and with greeblin' could be brought to fantastic levels.Way too many pictures to list. Not all of the models were there. Not sure if they are released in groups, but what I downloaded would take a year to build anyway! :)

    Also, a great "Links" page! Get models from their source. It's the best practice. All files scanned with Norton 360. :)

    The Web of P. Krejci and A. Andr - sweb.cz/pkaa.f1
    Information web of Paper models - www.papermodel.cz
    Better slovakish page of this web (Boris Matej) - modelyf1.webpark.sk
    Asag pages - www.asag.sk
    Historic cars - www.historicgrandprix.com
    F1 Paper Card Models - Rado Radevicz - sweb.cz/f1papercard
    Disscusion forum - www.forix.com

    Link= http://formel1.webzdarma.cz/indexEn.php?page=1

    Presently available:
    Minardi M02
    File size: 2319 Kb.

    McLaren 4/4
    File size: 619 Kb.

    Williams FW24
    File size: 3031 Kb.

    Sauber C22
    File size: 2832 Kb.


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  2. Cybergrinder

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    wow, great find Zathros! But, isn't grebbling a bit counter productive on an F1 car? :) :):)(aerodynamic profiles, n'all?)
  3. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    I mean like spark plug wires, and those fiddly bits they don't include. Many include flat exhaust. I think some aluminum used for holding fencing onto posts could work really well for that. That kind of detailing. :)
  4. Cybergrinder

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    Ah. Yes, those would work :)
  5. zathros

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    If you go to a Hobby shop, and buy the metal tubing they sell, crimp, or somehow seal one end fist. Fill with sand, seal that end, no air, and make a wooden wheel set with the same radius. When the Pipe is full of sand, and if you do it slowly, the pipe will bend without any kinking! The wooden wheels mounted securely on a piece of wood will allow you to use them for gentle or tight curve bending. :)
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  6. retunga

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    Thanks Z for the links :)
  7. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    My pleasure Retunga, nice to hear from you! :)
  8. retunga

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    Always around, most time just reading posts :)
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    great find zathros! will definitely have to try these when i get the time!
  10. zathros

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    You keep studying, and stay in touch. It's great hearing from you! :)

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