spike gun for HO track........

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. hand laid track question......

    hello all, does anyone know who if anyone makes a nail gun for spikeing hand laid track? i have looked every where i could think, but cant find one. thanks!
  2. belg

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    Steve if your looking for something pnuematic I think the closest thing to it would be a brad nailer but I don't believe your going to find any nails small enough not to split the ties.
  3. NYC-BKO

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    Steve, Kadee used to make a rail spiker similar to a staple gun, but it's discontinued, they still make the spikes though. You might want to search that e place for one.
  4. rcline

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    Steve, awhile back (if I remember correctly) I saw a little hand push nailer in Micro Mark
    that would (at least they said it would) work for driving spike nails in small gauge train tracks.
    rcline - Little Choo Choo (running the rails)
  5. thanks guys for the suggestions, i have never attempted anything like this before. exactly how do people install the rail spikes now days, by hand? thanks again!
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Steve, the common prcedure is to grab the head of the spike in needle-nose pliers, set the point at the base of the rail with the shank at a slight outward angle and push it half to two-thirds in; then use the nose of the pliers to push it snug against the base.
    After a bit of experience, you'll know where to put the point and what angle will clear the head of the rail.
    Some modellers cut grooves in the pliers to hold the spike more securely.
  7. TrainClown

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    I always drill a hole for the spike. I never slit a tie, and I get the angle I want. I have a small pair of needle nose I got for $2 that works best.

    TrainClown :)
  8. atsfman

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    Echo that. I have a pair of needle nose that I bought 30 years ago to spike track and still use them. They fit the hand just right and I really enjoy using those pliers.

    I don't drill holes, but I use the very smallest spikes available and have virtually no splits in all these years. However, arthritis has now taken a toll on my hands so I have quit hand laying track. Fortunately the railroad is all built.
  9. pjb

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    The short answer is yes. but they ain't cheap.
    MICRO-METAKIT, the maker of high end fabricated brass locomotives, has/does sell track spikers on their retail website.
    They sell a few lines of powerpacks,track,and so forth there,
    that they do not make.

    Other European makers ( JOCADIS, or
    PERLMODELL, maybe? ) have also offered them on their retail sites.

    This is not the KADEE spiker, but does a similar job. To find
    used KADEE units you will have to go to trainshows or
    peruse classified sections of the hobby periodicals.

    METAKIT has a website, and you can call them if you
    can't find it there. They can be GoogledUp if you need
    a translation, or go to:
    < http:www.micro-metakit.com >

    Good-Luck, PJB

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